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Okay so take it easy this is my first fic with an OC (Jiyoon). This is a BTS meets GOT7 fic. I hope you all enjoy. Okay so I made some edits to this please enjoy.
Chapter 1:
Kim Jiyoon was proud of herself when she walked off the stage she had just performed on. Even if she was dressed as a boy and trying to get scouted by an entertainment company.
Everything started on Jiyoon’s fourteenth birthday when she got the chance to attend a BTS concert. She had been watching the concert and felt drawn to the leader Rap Monster. His charisma he had when he rapped and the meaningful lyrics he wrote really struck a chord within Jiyoon. From that point forward, Jiyoon knew what she wanted to do with her life - to become a rapper like Rap Monster. She began rapping on the underground circuit and found she loved the adrenaline rush. But girls weren’t allowed at this underground circuit so she dressed as a boy, altered her voice to sound more boyish and used the name Kim Jihoon. Now at 16 years old Jiyoon was finally going to get her chance.
As Jiyoon went to join the crowd and get a drink, a man in a suit came up to her. Giving her a wide smile, the man held out his hand and introduced himself. “Hi, my name is Park Kangwoo and I work for JYP Entertainment. You’re quite the talented rapper. We’d love it if you’d come and audition for us at our next audition.” Jiyoon was beyond ecstatic. This was what she was hoping for. Keeping a poised expression, Jiyoon smiled. “I’d love to! Thank you very much sir for this opportunity.”
A little ways away from the two, Min Yoongi sat watching the new rapper exchange information with the entertainment scout. Yoongi aka Suga scoffed. Paying no real attention to the conversation, he didn’t catch anything more than the name Jiyoon and the words “entertainment” and “audition”. He couldn’t believe that someone who barely appeared to rap was able to get an audition so quick. If he was honest with himself, it shook his nerves slightly. What ever company took Jiyoon under their wing would gain a great rapper. Yoongi finished his drink and returned to his two friends at the table near the stage.
On the other side of the stage sat another group of three. The first was significantly shorter than the other two. The one in the middle was just slightly shorter than the one on his left. And the one on the left wore a snap-back that had the word ‘swag’ written on it. The three sat at their table and watched the rappers perform.
Jiyoon was at a table in between the two groups. She sat alone and the rest of the performances including those of the two groups. That night, when the circuit’s club finally closed Jiyoon slowly made her way back towards the orphanage where she still lived in. She decided that she was going to the audition no matter what costs. And so, when she arrived back at the orphanage she went straight to her room and prepared all the arrangements she would need for her audition.
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