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Aye! What up! I am @dayashley11 aka SMDC aka Simon's Wifey aka Mrs Dominic. Now time for me to introduce myself:)
Hello! My name is Ashley.How y'all doin? I'm 21 years young Blue is my favorite color Nicknames I've been called-Ash,and Day Day.I would say my other one but it's one I wish never stuck lol I enjoy dancing. Love it! I can dance all alone in my room and do try to learn some choreography from our BEAUTIFUL Jay Park!:) Writing fanfic has become a new hobby of mine. I have two I just started. Here the links. My favorite KHipHop Artists are of course SIMON DOMINIC,Jay Park,Jessi,Dok2 and so on.
I found Jay going through old music videos and learning about 2PM.There I checked out his solos and I was like DAMN he can sing and too fine:) If you didn't notice Jay isn't my main Im AOMG,but for me if I was to give of them a title he would either be my side or best friend.
I am also part of another squad that is dear to me just as Bo$$e$ $quad is. These are the lovely ladies! @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @xroyalreisx @LocoForJiYong
Love it!! Haha lovin the nicknames. and yes Simon is your boo thang lol
your beautiful
my baby 💜
@dayashley11 your welcome 💚