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Day 7: Who would be your life companion? Let me translate: What anime character do you want to be your lover Lets be honest, basically what it means...
Yuuki Tenpouin from Code:Breaker Yuuki is such a cute little kitten plus he is a complete badass when it counts. He stole my heart away and then took it even more when he turned into a cat Yup, I'm crazy for my neko's (=ↀωↀ=)
Koyomi Araragi from the Monogatari Series I think I've mentioned him before but he is just such a perfect companion. Once you become someone special to him he will stay by your side and help you out, even if that means getting hurt in the process. Senjougahara is so lucky to have him as a boyfriend
Yaoi never dies but I might because of this... I know your all gonna miss me posting these, not I had fun doing this... Thanks 4 listening to my rants and stuff...

See ya!

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Sweet! Someone chose Araragi! He is a pretty awesome guy, for real.