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Ok since I was gone I'm just going to do a bunch at once
#1 action the reason I'm the action support
#2 I got this manga from a rummage sale and this got me into it
#3 boku no hero academia
#4 now don't kill me I like the anime but the manga didn't work for me
#5 assassination classroom mainly because of kuro sensei
#6 blood lad it's a really funny action manga
and there you have it I think I'm caught up now
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@Captpeter this is easy... 1. Action, since I've only *read* Attack on Titan, Naruto (at the late stages), OPM and Shokugeki no Souma 2. Well...all of the above? 3. Shokugeki no Souma 4. Don't...have any... 5. Deadman Wonderland 6. Well... AoT? Or OPM... Why I'm doing this in the comments is that even though you were very kind to tag me (blush), making a Card on this is by far stretching my abilities and my knowledge within a certain field, and even though anime & manga are closely related, I'm far more traverse and experienced with the former medium than the latter. Thanks for the tag again :)
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1.Action 2.One Punch Man 3.Gokukoku no Brynhildr 4. I haven't read many yet, so none. 5.Hunter X Hunter 6. One Punch Man I just follow the example of @VoidX because why not?
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and I also appreciate the tag
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It says I was mentioned but my name is nowhere....I'm not NAKAMA TT~TT
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