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yeah, i know..... just like in the romance animes this girl would be my life partner yeah for the past year and a half ive been trying to get over her, but i realised that shes gonna be in my heart and in my thoughts forever, i wount ever forget her, i wount ever want to, ill keep her in my soul close to my heart until i die and cause of that i have to move on, i have to tell her everything and i got to tell her how i feel, i have to just let my spring bloom i have to let the sakura blossums flourish. i know that it sounds like ima fight to get her, to make something happen but its not gonna, its always been one sided love and thats how it is, and cause of that i hurt others wanting to share these feelings with me, its not right, so im right here writing my thought down trying not pussy out so fuck it ima head out and tell her these words i wanted to say so long ago "i love you" @hikyamm