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Hoseoks parents are very different His mom is a Christian who goes to church every Sunday and is all about God. On the other hand his dad doesn't go to church. he has tattoos and be lives in living life at the fullest. Yes he may spent a lot of money but he always has lots of fun doing so. Life is just more enjoyable with his dad. Hoseoks mom is strict while his dad is laid back. I guess you can see why Hoseok would want to move. ... "Hoseok, wake up, we are here. " Hoseoks mom watched as her sons eyes flutterd open. He looked around and saw that his mom had already gotten the bag and was waiting. He grabed the bag from her. " Thanks mom. " "You're welcome sweetie." ... Hoseok hugged his mom as he got up from the chair he was sitting on. " Bye honey. I love you. " " Love you too mom." He grabbed his bag and got in line to get on the plane. Hoseoks POV I looked over at my mom and waved at her. I feel bad because she thinks I'm going to be back soon... but I'm not. I might feel bad, but not enough to throw my life away. I looked forward and saw I was next in line..." Passport please." I handed the man my passport and watched as he checked it. " Thank you." he said as he handed it back. I nodded as to say " you're welcome." Once I got onto the plane I found my seat. I put my bag under the seat in front of me and buckled up. I started thinking about how things might be different. I closed my eyes awaiting for the 13 hour flight to come. ... I grabbed my bag and got into the asile to get off the plane. Once I got off I was so happy I could finally stretch my muscles. I looked around and saw where I am supposed to go. As I walked down the stairs I saw my dad and brother with lays and a sign that says "E' Como Mai" (welcome in Hawaiian). I walked over to them and hugged them as they put lays around my neck. HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT. SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE. I WAS BUISY WITH STUFF LIKE DEPRESSION AND OTHER CRAP. I WILL TRY AND UPDATE TOMORROW. BYEEEE
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