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LDH: 가장 따뜻한 색 (Kajang ddaddeuthan saek) The warmest color TOP: 안따뜻한데? 너무 차가운데?? (Anddaddeuthande nomu chagaunde) It is not warm at all? It seems cold? TOP: 이거 그냥 냉동실같은데?? (Igo keunyang naengdongshilgateunde) This is just like a freezer? Vocabulary: 가장: Most 따뜻한: Warm : Color 안따뜻한데: not warm 너무: very, a lot 차가운데: cold 이거: this 그냥 : just 냉동실같은데: like a freezer 냉동실: freezer 같은데: like, same, similar Credit: To @bb.translations on IG. TOP commented on his friend's Lee Dong Hwi IG. I think he's the second person he loves to tease more than Seungri 😂. Tag List: @JackieG1617 @kwonOfAKind @MonAnnahiX @AdreannaLyn Let me know if you wanna be added/removed from the list
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