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I would like to address before anybody gets upset NO I'm not taking your waifu she's just with me not you in this scenario it sucks but there are an infinite number of realities and on yours they belong only to you :3 with that outta the way here's who my life companion would be :3

Rukia Kuchiki: Bleach

My life companion would have to be somebody who can put me back on the path if I ever get down in the dumps or just lost in my ways. Rukia is perfect for that if I'm ever sad she'll pic me back up she would be there to support me when no one else will and fight with me if I can't fight on my own. Knowing that I can freely be myself around someone so awesome is the perfect fit for me :)
So did I upset you? Do you think I'm evil for taking your waifu? If so refer to statement at the top :3 but for those not upset at me who is your life companion? I saw someone pick Kagome which is awesome :D can't wait to check them all out check @hikaymm for the original post :3
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Cool! Mine was Akane Tsunemori from Psycho Pass. I probably went into more detail than I needed to though (by that I mean I talked a lot).