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OK it's Wonwoo's birthday, well where I live here's a birthday post for this big fluff ball!!!!!
Ok I understand his English isn't the best, but it's obviously not his native language and he's trying his hardest and I find it super cute and I love him so much and *cries*........ (tbh I just love when the members speak English I find it so cute and I hate when people bag on them for it tbh.....)
His amazing dancing!!!!! Yes it's the best quality.
His amazing singing skills...
And the rapping skills that could kill me...
His serious face.....
His super attractive smile.
His sweater paws......
Here's to Wonwoo and his birthday!!!! They grow up so fast *wipes tears*. I love him lots and hope he rests and gets well soon!!!!!!
Here's some meanie for ya. Tagging: LUCKY Carat Squadeu: @IsoldaPazo @Mikim000 @CosmicCassidy @VatcheeAfandi99
HE IS MY SPECIAL CANCER BABE. Born exactly a year and a day apart from me. :3
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i just wanna hug Wonwoo. im so proud of him!!
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