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Now I may not have a romance manga that I've read as I don't think Fruits Basket or Rosario + Vampire would count but those would win in that order however I do have a favorite that happens to HAVEA romance in it as it's main foothold and if you argue Ichigo will protect me x(
Sword Art Online When I first watched SAO with my friend I instantly knew why a lot of people loved it. Then when they got passed episode six we both were like "who watches this?!" because it wasn't the anime we wanted however that was because it was a romance series which if we had seen it like that we would have been fine. Sword Art Online is a romance series through and through with the two being together "fighting" for each other and even having a child AI is pretty sweet. It makes for some great romance knowing Kirito would do anything for Asuna and shows how much he loves her in the process that really is what SAO is all about.
Yes I should read more manga but there's so many where to start!? Have any suggestions please do leave a comment :3 goto @SimpkyAwkward for original post and their collection :3
@ZephyrBlaze should be pretty good then tower of god has some moments where you will be like WTF
@Animefreak484 things like SAO with terrible story that goes nowhere or in circles piss me off as well as AOT with bad lines or terrible designs of characters ad long as they aren't those they shall do just fine :3
@ZephyrBlaze OK don't really know what you like so... There on webtoon website and app
@Animefreak484 Cool they sound awesome so I'll be sure to check 'em out :) bit if they're not you'll be hearing from me xD
@ZephyrBlaze In my opinion there all really good Tower of god -Battle royal fight to the death to become the equal of a god The gamer -Kid gains powers of an RPG character and trys to get stronger puppet master -fight between kingdoms to become the ruler I like all of them and think there good
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