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In this episode we learn more about the members. The thing that got me the most was Taeyong's confession and apology for things he did in his past. I cried so hard I just wanted to wipe my baby's tears away. He's gotten a lot of hate for what he did, but mistakes can be forgiven! I love Taeyong to pieces and I hope his apology gets accepted and all will be forgiven. NCT fighting! TAEYONG FIGHTING! ❀️😘 NCT LIFE Season 3 will also be airing soon and I'm super excited about it! I can't wait!
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Aw see I don't wanna see this he really is my baby
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@BabydollBre same! For some reason while watching the episode I had a feeling it was gonna come up. I cried throughout the rest of the episode after that.
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