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This is the last chapter of the got7 fanfictions. Next group is bts. So please look forward to that. Fair warning this is a sad chapter. Sorry(not sorry) To say that the first month of your pregnancy was hard would be an understatement. The multiple mornings you had over the toilet bowl was uncountable and your countless nights of restlessness. It was honestly a pain, and you had no idea how to deal with it for eight more months. Sure you had mark, but he didn't know seeing as he was on tour and always so busy. It wasn't all his fault though, you didn't want to tell him in fear of getting in the way of his work, so anyone who knew couldn't tell Mark until you saw him face to face. You knew it was selfish and a bit ridiculous, but you could see that this group, those tons of fans that love him dearly, meant a lot to him. You weren't about to ruin that with a distraction like yours. Every night you stressed about just telling him. He was the father and he deserved to know, but Evey night you ended up just plugging in your phone after deleting the text and went to sleep. It killed you to keep this. It truly did. But you knew it would show and that you would be able to see him soon enough, so you guessed this was for the best. You just entered the second month of your pregnancy when you finally saw Mark again. You felt nervous and guilty, but at the same time you felt extremely overwhelmed with joy. You finally got to tell Mark about the pregnancy, if it wasn't already noticeable enough, and have him be able to hold you. You couldn't wait for his arms to wrap around your waist as he gently pulled you closer to his body. You sat in a small bakery, your craving for a breast texture kicked in, and you texted mark early in the morning to tell him where you'd be. He replied that he would meet you there. Within a few minutes of you sitting and eating a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, a head being placed on your shoulder. You jumped slightly but smiled brightly as you twisted to give your boyfriend a proper hug and whispering excited "I missed you," repeatedly. You lost yourself in the moment and just swayed with him, until he moved his hands a bit higher on your sides and stopped. You had almost forgotten about the baby in your belly until he stood back and looked at you. His eyes shinned with a confused glance, glancing from your eyes to your stomach. For a moment, just a tiny moment, you thought about running from Mark. You didn't want to face this issue, well you didn't want to face him leaving you because of this "secret." But Mark wasn't mad, he was more ecstatic knowing that you were pregnant. When it clicked he hugged you tightly, but not to tight, and buried his head into your neck. You would be lying if you said your heart beat wasn't beating rapidly in your chest. A few months down the road out and Mark got the biggest surprise. You had two children growing instead of one. It honestly caught you off guard but nonetheless you both grew happier. You both drove home talking about the possible genders and the names. You couldn't wait for the two babies to pop out so you could love them and give them valuable life lessons. You just couldn't wait for your family to start and your life to begin again. Within your fifth month of your pregnancy Mark asked you to marry him on live tv. It wasn't as romantic as some other proposals, but this proposal meant something. It meant that he was coming out to his fans and to the public that he was dating, and now he's getting married. The one thing that shocked you was the response from the fans. They accepted marks relationship and sent happy thoughts to the both of you. Of course some fans cursed your entire being, but Mark and the rest of his group and fans stood by you. You felt complete. Sadly it wasn't long until Mark had to leave for another tour. This was around your eighth month, and the doctors told you to be ready for delivery. Mark was hesitant on leaving but he couldn't just stay behind. He told you that he'd be back before the babies would come. He promised. You understood that he had to work so you expected this to happen soon and told him not to worry, that you still had time before the delivery and that he should hurry back when he could. With his final good bye and kiss, Mark left and you felt a bit empty to be really honest. But you stayed strong and prayed he would be back before the delivery. Sadly your praying wasn't quiet answered as your water snapped on afternoon. Mark was to be expected back within an hour or two and he couldn't wait, neither could you. Apparently the babies couldn't either, demanding to be birthed. You had no one close by to drive you and you weren't waiting twenty minutes for your friend to come and pick you up so you drove to the hospital and checked yourself in. As you and the nurse were waiting for dilation, you asked the nurse to kindly contact your family and friends. When Mark got the call he was already landed and heading out of the air port. In a rush he told his manager to drive him there telling him you went into labor. Though traffic wasn't kind, taking an hour to actually get to the hospital, Mark still had to wait in the waiting room, hoping for the best. Mark finally got his answer as the doctor and nurse came out to greet everyone. They asked for Mark to follow them for a private conversation. Instantly he stood and rushed to the two and asked what was wrong. Apparently during your delivery your heart had stopped a few times. You were resuscitated a few times, but after the third time your heart completely collapsed without warning, leaving you pronounced dead. But luckily the babies are alive and well. Mark stood still, his legs trembling, his chest tight, you had died giving birth? That shouldn't have been possible. You were in great health. Marks head began to swirl as he sunk to the ground. You... Died. The love of his life had died... He asked if he could see you. He needed to see you knew last time. They agreed begrudgingly, taking him back to your room. The first thing he heard was the babies cries echoing down the hallway, but the first thing he saw was your lifeless body, sweaty and pale. Mark quickly ran to your bed, the babies forgotten for a moment as he grasped your cold hand in his. His tears fell fast as he gripped your hand and cupped your cheek. He placed his forehead on yours as he cried. He was to late. If only he had been earlier to your delivery he would have held your hand, he could have seen you before you left. Mark kissed your lifeless lips, repeating for you to come back to him, to marry him, to help him with the children. With slowed movements Mark reached into his pocket and brought out the actual wedding ring. You always wanted a ring from America, claiming that it'd be something cool to brag about. He laughed sadly at the memory as he slipped the ring on your finger, "I'm sorry I was late babe. Traffic was hell." Mark quietly murmured as he just held your hand. He was just to late. And he was sorry for being to late. "I love you. Please, please come back."