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#13 the most similar anime charater I'm similar to is Chau from bleach. I share his felling on finding non vilont was to handle things and I'm always there for my friends. but like Chad if I have to fight I will also I'm really quite until I get to know you
#14 the saddest anime death I had to watch was when wolfwoods from trigun died. what really hurt me about his death was he always believed there was no other option if the only was was to kill. but vash taught him there's always another way. not to mention what ever he did he always took the money towards homeless children. I personally feel if he hadn't taken vash advice he would still be alive. but at least he made his peace before he died.
#15 my favorite anime pet would be panther Lilly from fairy tale. he's cool calm and by far the most skilled of all the cats in fairy tale. although I still find it hard to forget that he's really a big ass panther... sorry for the language
#16 this one I have mixed feelings towards, I personally don't think graphics make the anime but characters and story makes it good so here are a few I like with different anime graphics
#17 my favorite male supporting anime charater is uryu from bleach