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Hey guys! Well a friend and I just decided to go to the KCON convention in LA for our first time Sadly though, we're just going to the convention and not the concert. I realized that I don't have any friends on this Vingle Kpop community and well if any of you guys happen to be going to the convention in LA, I'd love to meet you guys Please do comment down below if you are attending and would like to meet up or if you already went and can give some advice for a fellow newbie to the world of KCON
ugh this little bias wrecker
@LemonLassie and I will be there too. @IsoldaPazo is meeting up with us. But I sadly do not have Kakao :(
@twistedPuppy haha if you're meeting up with Sol, I'll definitely see you 馃槉馃槉
Go very early in the morning. like around 9am. Also figure out if u guys can register a day before the actual date of the convention. i went to KconNY. and let me tell ya, thank god i registered a day before because there was a HUGEEEE line to register on tje next day. and i dint want u guys to miss the fun.. and pay attentiin to the DramaFever booth. and wjere ppl will be dancing an all... cuz *hint hint* some of the groups comes out and go up at the stage and greet. Have FUN girls
There's a bunch of us meeting up if you would like to meet up with us as well
@Saeda1320 same here!! I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself 馃榿
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