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Kookie Monster Part 19

So I thought this was going to be short, I had planned on it being short, I went for a walk and came back and got inspiration to write more. So instead of short it's just a normal length. If you missed the previous chapter by @SarahVanDorn here is a link to part 18
Sarah and jenni sat on the floor in the practice room watching them practice. Once they were done they took seats on the floor around us and started to talk. “Did you listen to our radio show this afternoon?” Sarah questioned with a hopeful expression. “No, we were busy today so no” Suga answered. “Oh thank god” Jenni breathed out a sigh of relief. “Why? What had you been talking about?” Namjoon questioned seeing her reaction. “Nothing you need to know about” she said cryptically. Sarah burst out laughing. “We talked about sex!” Sarah stated. “Diamond!” Jenni called out. “Wait no” she spoke to her self. “Sarah!” she corrected herself. “How can you say it again!” “Really?” J hope questioned. “Like what kind of positions your do?” “Omg I don’t want to have this conversation again!” Jenni said covering her face. “You don’t have bleach on your hands again do you?” Sarah mocked her. She uncovered her face and pounded her fists on her legs like an upset child. “No, I don’t. Stop making fun of me Sarah. Your mean to me” Jenni accused acting like a child. “I’m not picking on you” Sarah laughed. “Yes you are!” Jenni stuck her tongue out at her which made her laugh. “No I’m not” Sarah countered. “Your bullying me” Jenni whined. “Shut your tongue” Sarah said. “I am not.” “It’s shut your mouth! Say it right” Jenni said. “Okay I’m done. Can we drop it now?” Jenni asked talking normally again. “I want to know what you said about sex-” Namjoon started “No, if you didn’t hear on the radio you missed it and it’s not coming back” Jenni knew her face was turning red from embarrassment. “Not in front of everyone else at least” He mumbled making her blush even more. “Okay okay” Kooki cut in. “So you go out with us?” he asked. “Yea sure.” The rest of the guy’s wanted to come along as well so it turned into the group going out to eat. Topic mostly consisted of food throughout the meal. After the meal people started to pair off to go in search of a place to have dessert. “So I’ll go with Kookie, Jenni with Namjoon, Suga and -” Tae cut sarah off shaking his head. “No, no they are hogging you two! Don’t you like us? Don’t you want to be friends with us?” he made a pouty face at her making Sarah laugh. “But but-” “Sarah! He’s right, I want to get to know the others too” Jenni said cutting in. “You don’t want to walk with me?” Namjoon said sounding hurt. “I’m going out with you tomorrow” She gave him a look. “Besides I haven’t gotten to hang out with other people in a long time” Jenni whined. “I want friends.” “Didn’t you go out the other night with a friend?” Kooki questioned. “Dominic? Oh please, he’s an accessory. Just like Sarah here” Jenni pointed to her friend. “Oh, I see how it is” Sarah said. “What. I have 3 friends, all of whom I have known for over 10 years. Your no longer new and exciting to me” Jenni said. “These people are new and exciting! Let me make friends” Jenni said. Everyone was laughing by this point. “I’ll be your friendf!” J hope said. “I’ll be your best friend” Tae said next. “Tae your my friend!” sarah said. “ I’ll be your best friend than Jen Jen” Jimin said. “Omg I already have a nicname. Yey” Jenni jumped up and down excited. “Okay I go walk with my new best friend” Jenni said moving away from Namjoon and going to stand by Jimin. “Fine, than I’m walking with Tae” Sarah said sticking her tongue out at Jenni. “What about us?” Kooki questioned as he moved to stand next to namjoon. Sarah and Jenni looked at each other. “You two walk together” Sarah said at last. Thus this is how it happened with everyone finding different treats for desert and ending up in the nearest park running into each other. Sarah was with Tae, Jenni with Jimin Kooki and Namjoon And Jin, J hope and Suga were together. Jenni and Jimin went on their way opposite of Namjoon and Kooki, walking as Jimin stated, south. “So what made you want to be friends with me?” jenni asked trying to break the silence that happened abruptly between them. “You seem like the shy type but when you get to know someone you get really talkative” he said. Jenni laughed. “That is totally me” she agreed. “Do you really only have three friends?” he asked her. “Yup. When I was younger, okay well in high school I had an abundence of friends, except I learned very early on that they would talk crap behind my back about me and would make me out to be a b’tch even though I wasn’t. So I lost all those friends and found that I needed to be little more careful when choosing friends. Which is actually why Sarah has stayed my friend so long, she’s a true friend. Never once believed those rumors and even when we fought, yea it would go on for months sometimes we still came back into each others lives and refused to give up on our friendship.” Jenni explained. “Wow, that sounds like an ordeal” Jimin said surprised. “What? Never guessed I was subject to bullying?” she said. Her hands were swinging back and forth so she grabbed them so that they were clasped behind her back. “Okay well bullying for being mean not for being weird. Lets face it I’m a strange one and I know this.” “No, wouldn’t have guessed that” he agreed. “What were you like in high school? Were you popular?” She asked. “Not really, I was tjust one in many. I went to a school of arts so there was a lot of people interested in similar things. I basically practiced til dawn and slept in school” he told her. “At least you got to sleep. I would stay up in classes just to write my stories, didnt’ even pay attention to class half the time, Funny thing was I had been really good at math and english. So every time the teacher would pick on me I would be able to answer correctly.” Jenni laughed. “How did you manage that?” he asked. “Well since I would do my own thing in school after school I would hang out with Sarah, she did the same thing in math so we would do our math homework together and then we would read our stories. I wouldn’t get any sleep cause than I would go home and study like crazy for the next day” Jenni laughed. All of a sudden Jenni went down. She fell due to her own two feet. “Are you okay?” Jimin questioned concern coating his voice. “I think so” She said getting to her knees. They stung. “I wore leggings on the wrong day” She said sitting down on her but and seeing that the knee’s of her leggings were tearing apart and there was gravel on her knees. Jimin made a face. “Oh that looks like it hurts” he said squatting down beside her. “It does” she winced as she brushed the gravel away. She ripped more of the legging to give access to the injury. Little specils of blood appeared. “We should get a first aid kit” Jimin said. “I’ll go wait over by that park” Jenni said. He turned his back to her and told her to get on. With a little convincing she finally did so and he gave her a piggy back ride through the park in search of finding a convenience story. On the other side of the park they found one and so he set her down on a bench, not before having her hit her face on a low tree branch. “Your one big klutz” Jimin laughed at her. “That I am. Don’t make fun of me for it. Today just isn’t my day” she told him. “What, three injuries in one day?” he questioned adding them all up. “Hopefully that’s all” she said. “Can you get two bandages? And alcohol swabs?” she asked. “Alright I’ll be right back” he said before leaving her there. A while went by and Jenni sat there, just enjoying the park and the day. It was still somewhat light out but the moon was out in the sky. “Jenni?” She heard her name and opened her eyes to look at who was calling her. Namjoon and Kooki stood in front of her. “Oh hey what are you two doing here?” she asked even as her eyes were glued on the ice cream cones in their hands. “You got ice cream” she noted. “You got hurt again?” Namjoon pointed out making her look at her knees. They no longer stung but were covered with the little beads of red. “Oh yea I fell” she nodded as if it wasn’t anything. “I have first aid” Jimin said finally arriving. “What are you two doing?” he asked looking at the other guys. “Coming to the park” Kooki said. “Let me fix her up” Namjoon said handing Jenni his cone to hold onto. He grabbed the first aid kit out of Jimin’s hands and got to work cleaning up Jenni’s knees. “I feel like a should say thank you daddy but that doesn’t seem appropriate” Jenni said as she stared at namjoon. “Try honey” Jimin said. “Hmm, thank you honey” she said which drew a look from Namjoon. “Now I feel like were an old married couple. But I do like saying it” She grinned at him. “Hey we found people” Jenni heard Sarah coming. “Jen jen did you hurt yourself again?” she questioned. “I did I did. I fell” Jenni said as Sarah came and sat next to her. She had an ice cream cone in her hand too. “You all got ice cream didn’t you?” Jimin said looking from one person to another. The other three had found their way to us as well and had ice cream. “I just got freeze pops from the convenience store” He said holding out a couple bars. “Awe your sweet” Jenni said making a grab for one. “Nuh hu you have ice cream in your hands” he pointed to it. “I’m holding it for Joonie” she said. “You can have it babe” he said patting her knee. He had just finished bandaging them up. “Thanks” She said. “And thanks for bandaging me up” she said patting him on the head. He grinned at her. “I should take you home before you hurt yourself again” he said on a sigh. There was a collective ‘Oooh’ that went through the air. “I know what you mean” Jenni said. “I don’t want to leave” Sarah said. “I’m going back to practice” Jimin said, “Suga and J hope said they would be as well.” “So your basically all going to go back to practice?” Sarah asked. “Yea” Namjoon nodded. “Can we watch?” Sarah questioned. “I think I’m going to go home before I hurt myself anymore for the day” Jenni said. “Fine” Sarah said grudgingly. Namjoon took Jenni home after that and than begrudgingly went back. Sarah stayed with the rest of the guys and hung out at the studio until late before coming home around midnight.
I got to say Jenni is just not having a good day, she keeps on hurting herself. Thankfully Namjoon is taking care of her. Omg how lucky is she for that.
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Ohh good lordy...god of destruction taking care of the klutzy girl who keeps hurting herself! Match made in heaven if you ask me! 😆hehe!
@MaritessSison omg I had totally forgotten how that duo would be. they do seem like a very fitting match now more than ever lol @JaxomB I was talking to a couple people about collecting kpop boys, I want that game to exist 😀 and Def thought getting the others involved a little more would be good. @Saeda1320 it seems so fitting for him to call a girl babe, I'm right there with you I would die if he called me that
Getting to know them all is a good idea....can collect them like Pokemon (daughter and I had a discussion last week about collecting Kpop boys).
eek...good idea we need to spend time with the other guys I have a plan for my next chapter kekekek
@MaritessSison I completely agree. Good build up, @SweetDuella @SarahVanDorn 👍👍👍👍