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It is time to announce the winner of this week's Funny Caption Challenge! There were 26 entries this time around, and the winner is @aanderson2789 - who submitted the caption posted above!

And now for a very special Funny community announcement!

@aanderson2789 is taking over the Funny Caption Contest game! They'll be using our usual game tag list, so if you see them tag you in a card, feel free to play the game!

(Also, if there's any games you would also like to help out with - So Good or No Good, Would You Rather, etc. etc,, feel free to let me know!)
what is that?
https://www.vingle.net/posts/1683417 Here's the link for the current round of the game, everybody who wants to play!! :)
the current contest is going on and ends on July 22nd, 2016 @ Noon Alaska Time.
@Znae It's a flannel moth caterpillar! It's been in the news a lot lately because it looks like Donald Trump's hair.