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sorry for the late post ever one been really busy but here are my intro weeks for the other Six
Tuesday the anime charater I resembles as for as personality is Chad from bleach calm, don't like fighting (unless have to) and Will do whatever I can for my friends
Wednesday My other hobbies I like to do are exercising, playing with my nephews, reading, playing ps4/Wii U, and joining new events on vingle
Thursday if I were to be reincarnated into any anime charater I would be kazuma from s-CRY-Ed. he's cool never fort fits to evil power and will always have his friends back. also his powers are bad ass
Friday my opening anime into would be the season 1 intro from bleach
Saturday my anime rival Wil have to be grimjow there's nothing like a cool rival who follows his own rules
Sunday this one was a no Brainer for me, my life companion will be and always be kiyone from the tenchi series. I love her go getter attitude, she's a strong woman who's nice hard working and only shows her soft side to those who are close to her. also when she's mad she looks really cute