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We all got our ups and downs. Shoot even I have my days where I don't want to be mess with or want to talk or just be left alone. I know all of us have those days and really we all just want just one person to hear our cries. To me, I have a sucky ass job and I don't want to be there or I'm home and I don't want my family to bug me, but I get by with my kpop. Every song I listen to I download it to my phone and play them loud in my earphones and just tune out the world.
I have lost a lot of people in my life. I lost my dad when I was only 12... then I lost two of my best friends in a year when I was in 8th grade and 9th grade... Everyday I think to myself what would it be like if my dad would have stay on earth and my best friends.. How would it been like to keep them just a little longer?? I try hard not to think of it, but it was hard growing up with my dad and friends. Being bullied at school and not telling your mom that you were cutting or had suicidal thoughts everyday as a kid... But having people who listens to the same music as you and have the same common interest as you builds you back up. Today, I'm grateful that I never decided to take my life and be here with you guys. Seeing everyone's love for kpop and every other interest that we have for our groups. I'm a fighter and I know that every last one of us is a fighter and that we can get back up and fight the next day. I love you guys! And you all are special in my heart and would love to talk to anyone about anything that we like or just chat about whatever is on our minds! You all are beautiful and awesome! Never forget that guys! Be strong and a lot of good will go your way guys!
Definitely! @Isolate -hugs back- we can accomplish anything!
@Helixx kpop has been my strength since high school. due to the fact I was bullied and kpop has given me strength to be myself
Kpop and this wonderful Vingle family we have has definitely been a source of strength for me. I'm happy that it's been a source of strength for you too.
i lost my father when i was 4, and i often wonder how much he could have taught me and how different life would be (definitely better to say the least....). *hugs* but we can make it!