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You held the dress in your hands, shaking slightly as you looked at it in disbelief. Min Yoongi actually remembered something that meant so much to you, but why now? Why when you’re suddenly out of his life does he decide to show you any attention.
You clutched a fabric in your hands, carelessly discarding it back into it’s box before throwing it into the back of your closet, along with the rest of his things. You let out a sigh, taking your phone of the bedside table and dialing a number you long yet had to forget.
“Hello?” The sleepy voice muttered, a small smile making it’s way onto your face.
“Hey Chim.”
“Just please give him a chance, you deserve happiness too.” Your friend reminded you, shoving her fork in your direction. “Just because that bastard found someone as horrible as him, doesn’t mean you need to skulk around like a loser.” She ranted, causing you to roll your eyes with a smile on your face.
“Must I remind you, he’s younger and the bastard’s friend.” You said, giving her a blank stare, a small laugh leaving your lips. “Plus, it’s weird, it’s Jimin we’re talking about.” You said with a shrug, fiddling with your fingers under the table.
“So what? You can be with Jimin, and that bastard can continue to skip around with any girl he pleases.”
“Yoongi isn’t like that.” You defended, scrunching your eyebrows together in disapproval.
“(Y/N), how much do you actually know about Min Yoongi?”
As time passed, you slowly reconnected with the boys you once knew, a relief to all of you. They spent days taking turns to hang out with you, missing your presence and your company. “It’s been so long.” Namjoon said with a smile, poking your cheek as all 7 of you watched a movie together, a series of murmurs following as you cuddled into Jimin’s side.
“It’s been way too long.”
“You what?” Yoongi asked his friend with a glare, shooting up from his seat, only to be held back by Jin and Jungkook.
“I-I asked (Y/N) on a date, and she said yes.” Jimin said softly, chewing the inside of his lip as he looked down at his elder, his eyebrows crossing in frustration. “You can’t expect her to dwell on her feelings for you, she needs to move on.”
“Just not with you.” Yoongi stated firmly, his tone cold, which was unusual between the two. “You always had feelings for her, didn’t you?” He asked Jimin, his glare hardening at the silence that Jimin used as a response.
“She deserves someone who wouldn’t hurt her.”
“Like you’re one to talk.” Jimin looked up in shock, tightening his jaw as he narrows his eyes at Yoongi.
“You never deserved her.” He hissed at the mint haired boy, who scoffed and turned his head away, too prideful to admit it.
“I know.” He mumbled incoherently.
“Chim?” You asked softly, brushing away a few strands of hair that stuck to the boy’s forehead, a smile on both your faces. “Yes Jagi?” He said softly, caressing your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “Thank you.” You said gently, closing your eyes and leaning your head against his chest.
“For what?” He asked in amusement, holding you closer to his chest, providing warmth for you. “For showing me what real happiness is.” You said sleepily, Jimin’s boyish smile growing wider and wider as he laid a gentle kiss on your forehead.
“It’s what you deserve.”
“That’s what you deserve Min Yoongi!” You yelled, tears pouring out of your eyes as you threw multiple items at him. “You deserve all the pain, all the insults, all the shit thrown at you.” You hissed, your cheeks red from anger as he merely glared you down, his fists clenched tightly at his sides as he said nothing to you.
“What? No smart comeback? No calling me pathetic and overdramatic?” You asked him, your glare showing equal amounts of hatred, only his wasn’t directed to you. “You’re a sad excuse of a man Min Yoongi.” You muttered under your breath, letting out a loud sigh.
“You always let your pride run your life. Can’t you just show that you need someone for once? I’m tired of having to be the one to reach out to you, only for you to shoot me down and push me away like I’m some disease ridden animal.” You hissed at him, harshly brushing away the tears.
“Either you let me help you, or just leave.” You stated firmly, watching as he quietly turned away and walked out the door.
He sighed as he heard the door shut angrily behind him. His girlfriend’s angry stomps echoing around the empty hallway leading out of their dorm. He sucked his teeth in frustration, pushing himself off his bed to get a beer from the fridge, something he’s been doing ever since his girlfriend got the key to their dorm.
He went back to his shared room with Jin, a grunt escaping his lips as he popped open the bottle, taking a long swig and laughing to himself. He was a pathetic excuse of a man, letting everyone’s words get to him about how soft he was becoming.
No one meant it as a bad thing, but to Yoongi, it damaged his pride by tenfolds. He grew cold, letting it out on you, knowing you were the thing breaking down his concrete walls. He didn’t mean to hurt you, but his image meant everything to him. He looked on the bedside table he had, a picture frame laid face down on the smooth wood.
He reached over and saw your smile, your bright smile that used to be caused by him.
He felt something smack onto the back of his head, a grunt escaping his lips as he felt the sticky syrup run down his neck. He spun around quickly, glaring at the members who pointed at you in accusation, quickly hiding your syrup covered hand behind your back with an innocent smile on your face. “It was Kookie.” You said with a laugh.
He picked you up, spinning you around and rubbing your syrup covered hand on your face, a squeal escaping your lips as the members watched both of you in amusement. “Please get married.” Taehyung called from behind you both, an eyeroll amounting from both of you. “One day.” Yoongi whispered in your ear, placing a small kiss on your cheek as Hoseok snapped a picture.
“You’re perfect for each other.”
You set your coffee down on your dining table, twisting the small card in between your fingers as you reread it over and over again. “Min Yoongi.” You muttered to yourself, a bittersweet laugh leaving you. “Why do you do this to me?” You whispered to yourself as you quickly hid the note in your pocket, hearing the front door open.
“Jagi, I’m here.” Jimin’s voice echoed, a small smile making it’s way on your face as he placed a small kiss on your cheek. “Is something wrong?” He asked, looking at you in concern as he puts a hand on your arm, rubbing it affectionately.
“Nothing, nothing. Just thinking.” You reassured him, giving him a smile and a peck on the lips. ‘Thinking about how different life would’ve been if Yoongi was still mine.’


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I am kinda confused on it
I confused... It kinda like changes senses without any warning...
I completely understand what youre saying so I will start italisizing or bolding her memories but sometimes she does flashbacks with both characters. I believe it is her imagination with Suga @Orihemay @ValerieAlissaPa @sabriWOLF619
Its a flashback and I love the plot I would like to be added to the tag list
I'm a little confused. One second she with Jimin and then the next it's Suga. Is the part with Suga her imagination?
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