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↝Seungri's Wish↜ Nyongtory Moment
Seungri: I wish...I wish!!!
I will get "touch" by GD....(Don't we all wish for that!!!)
I am so ready... please make my wish come True!!!! (Me too!!! Me toooooooo!!!!!)
GD: Let me search you Panda!!!
GD: This might tingle!!!!
GD: Turn around!!
Awwwwwe!!!!!!!! (Panda inner fangirl screaming!!!!!, I am screaming too!!!♡♡♡♡)
My wish came true!!!!!!!
Okay, my turn...bring on the G-Dragon ❤❤❤
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doubt he was wishing for it, he just knows to anticipate these moments with bae, considering how handsy bae GD gets...lol
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