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그냥 내게 웃어줘 (just give me a smile)

So every day I've loved BTS has been a roller coaster full of fun, confusion, and a shit load of feels. But today, there has been a line drawn for me. A decision made.
Since the beginning I've been changing my mind on biases, because I love all the boys so much. It went from just Rap Monster to Rap Monster and Jungkook, at one point I considered it might be Suga, at another I thought perhaps Seokjin. It's been tough, I didn't really like the flip flopping. Lately I had said that I just don't have a bias in the group, but that's not true. Today not only have I concretely picked a bias in BTS, but changed my ultimate bias to that member and I know now that it won't change. Somehow it's a bit sad? I mean it's stupid, a bias list is just a concept after all. Even though I'm leaving behind my other UB that doesn't mean I don't love him. He's from a different group anyway ( a group that's taking a long long break) but somehow this feels really meaningful to me. Maybe it's because of who it is... so ladies and gentlemen I'd like to introduce my Ultimate Bias:

Park Jimin

How did this happen?
Why him?
Well... I'm sure most of you already know of all his amazing points. I'll still point out all the ones I absolutely love about him, of course.
And there is one thing in particular... but that's for later.

Reason 1 of Infinity: His Amazing Smile

Everyone knows that adorable eye smile, those full lips curving so far and you can't help but smile back every time! I am definitely no stranger to that.

Reason 2 of Infinity: His Adorable Laugh

Are there words for this? Just listen to it and tell me your heart doesn't melt.

Reason 3 of Infinity: His Childish Spirit

Jimin's part of the maknae line, so it helps that he's still really young but it goes beyond that. The reason he's able to get along so well with V and J-Hope has a lot to do with how silly and open he is. Even playing games like Hide and Seek! Fun Fact: I love hide and seek more than my favorite food. I would gladly give up eating to play hide and seek, but no one ever wants to play...
Will you play with me Jimin?

Reason 4 of Infinity: His Manliness

Jimin might have a childish spirit, but that does not mean he's a child. Jimin is all grown up, and he loves to remind us.
I for one, love it when he does. Don't you?

Reason 5 of Infinity: His Dancing

Is there someone who biases Jimin who DOESN'T love his insane dancing skills?

Reason 6 of Infinity: His Hard Work

As much talent as the boy has, he puts in A LOT of work and passion into everything he does. He doesn't just coast along, he makes sure to do his best and even beyond.
It makes me worry a bit for his health, but I think he knows what he's doing and I trust him to take care of himself. (Or the rest of the members will make sure to do what I can't and look out for him.)

Reason 7 of Infinity: His Derpiness

Everyone has these moments, but no one can make them look so ... good?
He's good for laughs, always.

Reason 8 of Infinity: His Body

Yes, abs are nice and muscles look nice but I mean his entire body.
Including but not limited to: his squishy cheeks, his puffy lips, his small hands, his height, his tummy even when it's not flat (who care about all that anyway), and so much more!

Reason 9 of Infinity: His Resilience (Never Giving Up)

Jimin has been the victim of many a mean comment or hard situation, ranging from comments on his weight to criticism of his talents to just who he is as a person. It's gotten him down, it's gotten him into some dark dark places but
He's with BTS and they're rocking it. He's moved past it all and he's better than ever before. If that was possible.

Reason 10 of Infinity: His Angelic Voice

The high notes, the low notes, the in between notes. The notes when they're not even notes and he's just talking.
His voice when he's screaming, crying, laughing, WHATEVA IT BE -
it's perfect.

Bonus Reason of Infinity: His Love for Suga (And His Love Back a.k.a Yoonmin4ever)

Yeah, I ship em. I mean like not creepily, well maybe a tiny bit creepily?
I dunno, fam.
I just love how close they are even tho Jimin is a cinnamon roll and Yoongi is like a fragile French pastry that like you gotta be real careful to pick up and bite into cause it will fall apart ALL OVER your fancy clothes, but once you do bite in it's actually really sweet and awesome. Yeah? Yeah.
And now the final reason. The reason this card was even made.
I mean really it's like


but if you wanna get real specific like this card did...
the final reason is
how much he cares for his members, and the people around him in general. He's selfless, he's genuine, he's so nice that I literally cried watching that video you see right in thur. It was the final straw. It was the moment my heart was like
That's about how it went down, accurate. Well yeah, I just... I felt so strongly and I just couldn't help thinking
this boy, if I could pick one idol to follow for the rest of my life and to see him get every single thing he wants - it's going to be him. It's him.
Park Jimin, you beautiful, lovely, amazing boy... I want to see you smile a million times more, I want to see you get everything you ever dreamed of and more. I want to just... see you.
This has been another "TheEnlightment has actually gone batshit crazy" installment here on Vingle. Thanks for sticking along for the ride if ya did. Love you, muah. ~
(Also yes, I did in fact make that lyric edit at the top just for this card. I have no life and no desire to sleep! :D WHEEEE)
This is why I love his ass too 😢 he beat out GD as my UB
@CrookedShadow Haha well how could I not? He snuck up on me ; ~ ;
Wow....Those are all just such perfect reasons to love him....I love Jimin and all of BTS and I'm glad that there are people who live Jimin as much as you do!! Thank you so much!!!! 🙏💜
@VIPFreak2NE1 I'm happy it could have that effect. I think I cried buckets making it.
This card is absolutely perfect. I think I teared up a little...😢
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