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Part 4 Warning: Language, alcohol and drug use ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 ° I ended up walking towards my work for some reason. Instead of turning around I walked in and pulled out my camara. Well it's not really mine, it's the companies but I always used this one, Yeji always used another, and on and on. We didn't have a specific piece of equipment assigned to us we just always grabbed the same one, it was like an unspoken rule bit to grab the same one someone else uses I guess. Anyways I grabbed it and signed out with it. Walking outside I found a public place. Normally you would want an area with minimal people but I wanted to capture the people today. I walked around asking people if it was fine if they ended up in some of my pictures and they complied. I saw a couple laughing and quickly snapped the pure joy on their faces. It was amazing what a picture could show because once I turned around I saw a kid on the street with all sorts of cuts and bruises, rags for clothes, and looked as of they hadn't eaten in forever. Desperation was caught before I bought some food for the child and continued walking around. I caught a lot of moments before I got a call from Joo-Sam surprisingly. "Hello?" I answered. "Y/N! OH THANK GOD!" He practically screamed. "Calm down, you're hurting my ear." "Oh, sorry. Anyways what happened between you and my brother? He just keeps slamming stuff and stopping around. He snaps everytime I ask him." "Oh...that..." I sighed. "We fought over my recent behavior." He waited for me to elaborate but quickly responded realizing I was done. "Okay, thanks I'll see what I can do." And with that the call ended. I sighed pocketing my phone and decided to go back to my work place to transfer the pictures to my folder and return the camara. . . . I didn't want to see Joo-so again but he was my best friend. At the same time I wanted to hit him because I knew he was right but at the same time I loved the life Ji-yong had given me... no matter how bad it was for me. I looked through the pictures I had taken earlier making adjustments here and there but not too much because I wanted to keep an authentic feel. They all looked bright or dead, happy or depressed. It was exactly what I had wanted to see. I smiled a little as a muffled a yawn. Time to make up with Joo-so. I stepped out only to see Ji-yong waiting for me. "Hey?" I waved. "What are you doing here?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me in the car. "We're gonna have some fun." He smiled and with that I forgot all about Joo-so. It continued like this for days. Ji-yong would pick me up and we'd party... it wasn't long until I started missing work. I was given multiple warnings so I have to start showing up. Once I told Ji-yong this he looked a little pissed but backed off. I wasn't the same. All the drugs and alcohol affected me way more than I thought. I looked like shit and yet I wanted some more of the MDMA or ecstasy, that's what I was told to call it, it was addictive and I couldn't stop. Imagine my surprise when Ji-yong had started making me buy it since I liked it so much, as he said. I was broke... I didn't have enough money for rent for months which ended up me moving in with Ji-yong since Joo-so and I hadn't talked since that fight Only when I lost my job had it dawned on me I was fucked, as well as Ji-yong and that's when I got a call from someone... important. ° 《-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.¤♡¤-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-》 °
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