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Part 16 _ * _ * _ * (Senior year) The first few weeks had been exactly like every other year. What should I expect? The only difference is instead of me being weary of Yoongi he's been more weary of me... "Yoongi! Are you listening?" Hoseok asked. We were in the lunch room and the whole time all of us had been talking Yoongi had just been sitting there playing with his food. "Huh? O-oh, yeah. I'm listening." He looked around meeting my eyes. I smiled but he just had a guilty look. "I have to go..." He said standing up and walking away. "Weird." Namjoon said, everyone agreed. Slamming my hands on the table I stood up, "Screw it he's gonna tell me one way or another." I grumbled stomping out following Yoongi. "HEY!" I called jogging up to him. "What the hell? You've been out of it ever since summer only you didn't ignore me then." I huffed. I touched his shoulder and felt him tense so I immediately let go. "Well damn, guess I'm not needed or wanted right now, huh?" "W-what?!? No! Y/N I still love you I just don't know how I should say something that you need to know..." He pulled me into an embrace, both of us relaxing into it. "Just give sometime, please?" I nodded hesitantly. "Fine, but don't ignore me and your friends." "Okay." _ * _ * _ * (A few weeks later) "Y/N, can you come with me to the park after school?" "Sure, Yoongi. Why?" "It's about what you wanted to know." He gave me the ghost of a smile. "Uh... okay." I replied with the same faint, distant look. _ * _ * _ * We walked silently occasionally one of looking over to the other thinking the other didn't notice but we both did. I sat on a swing, him sitting next to me. "Shoot." We only stared at the ground, him trying to find words for whatever and me sensing something bad. "I'm moving. Soon too." "To where?" "Back to my hometown." "Well that must be exciting for you." I teased trying to lighten the mood. "Y/N." "I know... sorry. Look" I turned to him. Sensing movement he looked up at me. He shoulders were hunched and looked pained. "We have phones and we're almost adults so we can visit each other whether we go to the same collage or not. Okay?" "Long distance never works. You know that." He sighed. I patted his back. "We can at least try. This isn't going to end without us trying. Okay?" I smiled a bit pulling him up. He returned the smile. "Fine. But let's make the most of the time we have left to see each other." "You got it." I winked pulling him along. _ * _ * _ *
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