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Me and my friends couldn't have a more different taste in guys. My best friend, Jane, is really into younger artsy guys who are introverted and listen to a whole lot of hip-hop, but I like older guys who are career focused and have a great sense of humor.

Do you have a type? Do you even believe in 'having a type'?

nobody ever goes for the over the hill guy that has to pay child support and lives in a one room shack with a stray dog for a neighbor that thinks he's better than me...I mean him
I used to have a type, freakishly tall polynesian who is not too skinny and not too fat with healthy BMI, well learned and well read, and is empathic. But now I'm just, k, if you don't force me to smile more or socialize more, that'd be great.
I do belive in types but I don't think u should let it dictate your love life. especially because anyone can be good for u. and it's just an ideal not somthing that must happen
happens when you least think it will and you are looking... like being hit by a bus on a deep sea fishing trip... ㅋㅋㅋ @buddyesd
@RobertMarsh I just gotta hang in there
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