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So i got their game, exo run and its quite fun and frustrating. The member I choose was lay cuz he is my bias and its so cool. I just finished Kai's ep. And let me tell you the swinging in this game. It took like 7 tries to do a perfect swing. Thats was gets mt frustrated but its a good game
I also got an Lay poster. YAY. I recommend this game a lot. Its very cool and fun
@ohmykpop Haha I've been at it for almost a month, shortly after it came out. I'm stuck, i keep coming up a few coins short to complete the mission.
I'm playing to and you're right it's addicting and frustration in an app!! im on Xuimin and AHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TO SCREAM
@Matokokepa omg i hate it when you are like one behind than the actual target. I get so mad
@Matokokepa omg wtf im barley in like level 4. teach me your ways. I haven't broke into the top ten
I must be the only one that is terrible at this game. I'm stuck on Xiumin still.
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