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This is my shot at doing a Jackson (From Got7) short story! Alright so I had tried my hand at doing a one shot, well it ended a little longer. I just cant seem to do short stories. So it will be put into 2 parts.
Racing to make it there in time Erin tried to get through the crowd that was forming by the gates. There was a lot of people here, but it was just an airport why would be people crowding here, unless someone famous was here she thought. “Why do these things always start at airports” she grumbled to herself. Making her away around the crowd she started seeing people come out of the doors from luggage claim. She waited towards the end of the crowd, waiting. He would be here soon. Erin hadn’t seen him in over a year and she was finally going to be able to see him now that he was back in town. Cheering broke out and Erin couldn’t help but look at where the screaming was aimed at. It was than she saw several handsome guys wearing sunglasses, hoodies, and hats to cover their faces but it hadn’t fooled these people, they apparently knew who they were. Around the corner came who she was expecting. A smile broke out on her face as she spotted him. She waited until he was closer to her before she stepped around the bars and made a be-line to him. Knowing it probably wasn’t a smart idea since there was so many people but Erin was to excited to see him. Halfway to him Erin collided with someone else and ended up with arms around her wrists keeping her from falling. “Okay?” She heard the one word making her turn to the voice. The guy with sunglasses and a hat was holding onto her. Meeting his eyes she swallowed afraid to talk. “Let go of her” A stern voice said. “Ma’am you can’t be this close” she started getting pushed away from the man and further from who she was meeting. “Wait wait” Someone called out stopping the security guard from man-handling her. He broke through the guards surrounding me and grabbed me in a one handed hug. “She’s my sister” he said. “Ray” Erin cried out his name. Who knew meeting him at the airport would be such a hassle. “Erin, lets go” he said as a security guard nodded in her direction and than started to surround all of them once again. The guy who touched her earlier looked back at her, a curious look in his eyes. His skin looked paler than the rest and those black eyes seemed like they bore right through her. A shiver went down her spin. “Did you bring the van?” He asked. “I don’t know why you wanted me to bring the van, that thing's a monster” she told her brother. “Did you bring it?” he asked. “Yes, yes I did” Erin huffed out. She was hoping she didn’t have to drive these people around. When they made it out of the airport Ray kept her close so that she wouldn’t get separated. “I thought I told you to stay outside and just wait. Not come in” he grumbled sounding upset. “I haven’t seen you in a whole year!” she cried out. Her only family was her brother, their parents were no longer in the picture and there was no extended family that cared about them so they were all each other hand. Ray had decided to go into managing bands and since than had ended up getting a job overseas leaving her behind in the U.S. “ where did you park?” he asked her. “I um, actually have Lindz watching the car right over there” Erin pointed to the very end of the airport strip to where the big white van sat. A smile broke out across his face. “Are we going to drive them too?” I questioned pointing to the guys making him laugh. “No we’ll follow them to the hotel though. I wanted you to bring the van for later.” He grinned. “And Suprise you get to go to a concert and a free stay at a hotel with us” he told her. “Seriously?” Her voice squealed as she started jumping up and down. “I”m so glad I took off work for the first couple days you were here” she said. The two of them started to separate from the ground, a guard stayed by them as they walked closer to her car. “Ray, man where you go?” The pale guy called out. “Who is that?” Erin asked. “Jackson” he said to her than called out to him. “We’ll see you at the hotel!”
They made it into the car and Lindz squealed in delight at seeing Ray. Lindz was a second sister to him, but she was everything opposite of us. Instead of the tan skin Erin had, the black hair and small frame of a body, not to mention short with barely reaching 5,2. Lindz on the other hand had a willowy frame with a height of 5,8 pale skin and blonde hair that she dyed blue at the tips. She had a bubbly personality which matched Erins but her’s was 24/7 where Erin was sporadic. “My Ray of sunshine!” Lindz said excitedly as she leaned over to hug her brother. “It’s been so long. I wanted to see you once Erin said you were coming into town!” she said. “Hi Lindz. It’s been awhile. How’s school?” He asked her. “Can you drive behind that black van that’s pulling out. It’s our group. We’re just going over to the Hilton” he added. “Sounds good. Why are we going to a hotel?” She asked pulling out into traffic to follow the van. “College is hard” She whined than perked up. “But I’ve made a lot of friends.” “That’s good. Do you two have any of the same classes?” he asked. “Math and english” Erin spoke up. “I haven’t made as many friends as Lindz. She’s extremely popular in her classes” she said. After talking about school and catching up the entire ride to the hotel they parked close to the van the seven guys were in and got out of the car to meet with them. “I don’t think I told you this sis, but I’m managing Got7” Ray said as they started approaching them. “Seriously?” She exclaimed. “Congrats!” she said even as he just laughed. “Have you even heard of them before?” LIndz laughed. “No” Erin blushed. “That’s okay I haven’t either” Lindz said. “But, my, do they look tasty” She hissed out as she stared them down. “What do you think?” she whispered. “Hmm” she looked between each guy but her eyes continued to dart back to the pale one with the dark eyes. “One of them I could do with” Erin grinned than laughed and covered her face with my arm. “Oh here they come” Lindz said hitting her arm lightly. “Guy’s this is my sister Erin and her friend Lindz” Ray introduced them to the guys going around and saying their names but Erin just heard Mark, BamBam, Jackson and . . . she stopped listening after that. After introductions were made everyone went inside the hotel and to their designated rooms. Erin was to share a room with her brother and Lindz decided she was staying so ended up being in the room too. The boys it was two to a room and one room of three. Jackson shared a room with Bambam. “Now you two get to go to the concert. I figured you would want to go. See your brother in action at work” Ray told her. “Yup yup, that’s fine. So did you bring me any souvenirs?” She asked eager making him laugh. “A ticket to a kpop concert isn’t good enough?” he joked. “Oh come on” she whined. “Okay okay” he said as he started to dig through his bag. He pulled out something in an envolope and than proceeded to hand it to her. “What could this be!” Erin exclaimed as she tore off the paper and examined stationary. There was pretty red blossoms on the edges, It was simple but elegant. “I also have this” he dangled something else in front of her. “Is that a fan!” she exclaimed jumping up and down. “Gosh you get excited about the most basic things” Lindz comments. “I got you a fan too” Ray said handing another one to her. “Oh my god thank you” She acted just as happy over her fan. “So what are we doing now?” Erin asked her brother. “Well I have to start working again on getting the venue set up and ready for the concert. Can you two just hang out for a while?” He asked. “Yea sure” Erin said. “Tonight -” “Is the concert. I’m only in town until tomorrow afternoon” he reminded her. “Oh” she sounded sad. “But we have the whole night after the concert. There’s going to be an after party” he added. “Sure, that’s fine. Are we at least going to be back stage?” She asked. “Yea but when they are on stage you have to take your seats. You can’t destract me from my work” he informed them. “That works” Lindz said. “Now should you be off. Maybe we’ll just go off and find those boys” Lindz said making him laugh. “Don’t get tangled with them Lindz.” he warned her. “I’m leaving you in charge of her” he added telling Erin.
Shortly after he left the room Lindz went out after in search of finding out which room the guy’s were in. IT was a bad idea Erin thought as she was forced to go out to find her friend. “I can’t ever take my eyes off her” she grumbled to herself as she walked down the hall. A door opened just barely hitting her in the face. “Watch it!” she exclaimed shocked by the door almost hitting her face. “Sorry. Are you alright?” A hand shot out and grabbed ahold of her. It kept her from falling off balance. “Yes yea barely” Erin said coming face to face with Jackson. “OH Hi” she said sounding chipper all of a sudden. “Hi” he said back. “I was going to find food with Bambam” he said pointing to the guy standing next to him. “Ah. I’m just looking for my friend” She told him. “Liz” Jackson said saying her name wrong which made her laugh. “Close enough, yea” Erin said. “Have you seen her?” She asked. “No sorry” Jackson said. “Your Ray’s sister?” He asked. “OH yes, Hi I’m Erin Ray’s younger sister. Nice to meet you” Erin introduced herself with a little wave. “Food!” Bambam said from behind Jackson. “Do you know a good place to grab so grub” Jackson asked. “Hmm, well what are you looking for? There’s chinese resturants, pizza parlors, Sushi, Vietnamese, burger joints, bar food-” she could have gone on but they stopped her halfway through. “Burgers” Bambam said. “Where is a place?” He asked. “Well there’s Jimmy’s Ale house, they have good beer, homemade chips and burgers, than theres Gianaro’s which has really good burgers and pizza, there is a couple more further into the city but some are dive bar’s” Erin named two places she knew that were within walking distance from where they were at. “....Chips...” She could make out one word out of what Bambam said so had to look at Jackson for clarification. The funny look he gave her made her smile though. “He is asking what home made chips are” he repeated the question in english. “Oh yea, they are thin sliced potatoes baked till browned and served. It’s a cross between eating a fry and a potato chip” Erin tried to explain but knew it wasn’t the best description but now she had a taste for them. “I recommend the Ale House.” she added. “Do you want to come?” Jackson invited her. Erin debated for a moment, look for Lindz or go eat. It was a hard choice and she stood there staring at him. All the way up until she heard the shrill voice of Lindz coming from behind her. Turning to look she saw Lindz was coming out of a room laughing with one of the boys. “Mark!” Jackson called. “Let go grab some food!” He said. The guy with Lindz had stopped to stare. “That is your friend right?” Jackson asked Erin making her think he was reading her mind with her long pause. “Yes” She nodded. “LIndz why did you run off?” She questioned her friend when they came closer. “Sorry didn’t mean to worry you mummy!” she joked laughing at Erin. “So you want to grab food?” Jackson asked Erin redirecting her focus back onto him. “Sure” Erin finally said. The five of them made their way down to the lobby but after that Erin took over leading to the restaurant. It was not a long walk and for the most part she made idle chit chat with Jackson who kept pace with her. Throughout the meal there was idle talk between LIndz, Bambam and Mark going on between the three of them. Jackson was focused on Erin as she was focused on him He was making her laugh and doing impersonations of different people. She was starting to really crush on this guy. Her gut told her to go for it but her mind was telling her to be reasonable, he was an Idol, hell he lived in a completely different country. “So have you ever been outside of the states?” Jackson asked her as they were finishing the meal. “No, I’ve only ever been here, traveled to Arizona, Las Vegas, and Texas but that’s all” she said. “I would love to travel though. It’s why I became a travel agent. I get to watch all these other people go. One day I’ll take a long awaited trip to Europe for a month or two. Backpack my way through and maybe end up in Scotland or Ireland. Now that would be a memorable trip” Erin seemed dazed as she talked about her dream trip. It would cost her a couple thousand do to do it, but maybe in three or four years she could do it. “You should check out Hong kong-” “China?” She crinkled her nose. “I’ve never been one to want to go. I’ve seen a lot of reviews and know a lot of people who went and only talked about really old relics. I don’t do old relics” She explained to him. “What about Korea?” he asked. “Well ever since my brother went it’s been on my list to do so” Erin said not having to think of that one to hard. “You should. I could show you around if you decide to come for a visit!” he sounded chipper about that idea. “That would be cool. I would take you up on that offer so don’t try to back out of it!” Erin pointed a finger at him to show she meant it. Jackson just laughed. “Have you traveled a lot outside of work?” She asked turning the tables. “I’ve been all over but always work. I have not had a vacation since we debuted” he told her making a short comment. “That’s a shame! I can see you loving to travel, like maybe Mexico or Hawaii” she chose places that went with his personality. “Hawaii, that a place I would want to go” he said. “Are you two done?” Mark butted into the conversation to question them. “WIth food yea” Jackson said in english and thens spoke in Korean. “We have to start heading back” Jackson said turning his gaze back towards Erin. “That’s fine” She nodded than started to go for her purse. “Are we all going dutch?” she asked but than got a strange look from the guys. “She means are we all splitting the check?” Lindz said saying it a different way. “Yes yea we are” Jackson nodded. “I don’t have my wallet” bambam said after patting his jeans pocket. Jackson shot him a glare. “Again?” He questioned. “Your going to make me poor” Jackson grumbled like an old man. “Thank you daddy!” Bambam said making a cute face at him which had Jackson mumble something to himself. “You will always take care of me!” Bambam said before launching himself onto Jackson. Hi cuddled into his side and looked like a kid latching onto his parents. It was cute and as Jackson just patted his head with a light laugh Erin couldn’t help but giggle. “You look like father and son” she said at last. “Shut your tongue” Jackson said. “I do not take responsibility for this child!” “Yes you do daddy!” Bambam said from his perch on the edge of his seat. “You've already taken responsibility for me” He shouted out. “You’ve created a monster!” Erin whispered to Jackson. “I”m a baby monster!” Bambam said. “I did not raise this sissy boy!” Jackson said squeezing his eyes shut. “I’m not a sissy!” Bambam cried out. Mark started laughing like crazy next to Bambam. “If you ever see this boy get dressed you’ll understand. He takes longer than most women do” Mark commented. “So probably as long as Lindz does” Erin nodded. “It takes her about an hour just to decide what to wear and than another half hour to do her hair and make up, even if she just puts it in a ponytail or leaves it down” Erin commented. “It’s better than you taking fifteen minutes, grabbing whatever works with the weather that day than throwing a brush through your hair and putting on makeup all under ten minutes” Lindz pointed out making her laugh. “Well it’s efficient. If I already know my routine why try to change it” Erin shrugged. “That is like me” Jackson grinned. “Whatever works together I put on and head out” he said. By this time there was a pool of money on the table but it took a moment to realize that the money was a different color, different currency all together. “You know what I got it, don’t worry about it” Erin said as she grabbed the bill and put her credit card to it. “What, no, let me pay for some of it” Jackson said pushing Bambam off him at last. “Um, dude you guys got the wrong money” Lindz said pointing towards the bills on the table. “Here I’ll put in forty, you got the rest?” Lindz said turning to Erin. “Thank’s that’ll help” she nodded taking the money and putting it with her card. “You got a couple singles for tip?” she asked. “I got three” Lindz pulled out. “I got a ten and a five we’ll to eighteen for tip” Erin said putting that under one of the plates. LIndz started to stack the plates together and clear the table. “My waitressing day’s always make me mindful” She explained at the stares the guys gave her. When the lady came to the table she looked surprised by the stacked dishes. “This is for you and this is for the check” Erin said handing her the two separate stacks of money. “I’ll be right back with your card” she nodded before leaving the table. Five minutes later they were all walking out of the restaurant. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Jackson asked taking Erin by surprise. “No, do you?” She shot back than laughed. “Have a girlfriend I mean” she corrected herself. “No” he laughed. “Have you ever dated before?” he asked. “Hmm” She shrugged. “What does that mean?” he asked. “Well most of the guys I end up liking go more for Lindz than me. So the next day after she knows or he does they end up together” She explained. “That is crappy” he said sounded sorry. “I’ve given up” Erin sounded sad about it and he took notice. “Ever thought about long distance?” he questioned “Never. I find that would be to hard.” Erin said with a grimace. “HAve you ever done that before?” she asked him. “Uh, no” he was hesitant when he spoke. “Although it could be better than getting a guy stolen by your best friend” he added. “Yea well, it’s not like-” “Erin what are you two talking about?” Lindz interrupted coming in between Jackson and Erin. “Long distance relationships” Erin said. “Oh, the nice thing about those is you can have multiple guys and none of them know” She said as if it was the right answer. Jackson stared at her as if she was nuts. “I don’t think that’s the right approach to it” Erin said but Lindz just shrugged. “Tell that to Mr. Phillipino, Mr. China, and Mr. New York” She listed them off on her fingers. “Lindsey that is horrible” Erin exclaimed. “Now maybe I can get a Mr. Korea. That would be fantastic” She laughed before walking past them and continued on into the hotel. “You are close friends?” he questioned as if he couldn’t see that. “Yea, I blame fourth grade. The only person who would talk to me was her and since than she’s been like glue stuck to my side” Erin said. “For better or worse” she grumbled. As they walked into the hotel lobby she saw Ray standing there talking to Lindz until he noticed them walking in. “Practice at the theater” Ray told the guys who groaned and than started to follow him. “I’ll see you after the concert” Jackson told Erin before he left.
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