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I woke up to a pounding. I got up and opened my door. “What!?” “You are going to be late for work.” Jenni said “What!” “Yea you didn’t set your alarm, I looked out the window and saw your care and was wondering why you hadn’t……Oh my god!” Jenni had seen who was on her bed still. “Oh shit…. Bye Jenni.” I quickly pushed her out and shut the door. “So that is why you’re running late. I’d call your boss and say your sick today. Cuddle with him all day!” She said laughing. I turned back and face the now awake Junior. “So now she thinks we did something.” Junior said in a sexy morning voice. I went back to the bed and grabbed my phone. I called my boss and played sick. I was going to be an hour late anyways so why not take an extra day off? After I got off the phone I turned to Junior. “So what are you doing today?” “Well I have nothing now, but later I have to go to practice.” “Oh that will be fun. Let’s go eat some food.” I said and jumped off the bed and made my way out into the kitchen. Jenni was smiling drinking a cup of coffee. “Good Morning” Jenni was smiling. “Good morning” Junior said walking in a bit after me. “How did you two sleep” Jenni was smirking. “Fully clothed and well!” I said while pulling out some eggs. “Hey you’re wearing her brother’s clothes.” Jenni said staring at Junior. “Yea I got soaked last night when it started down pouring.” “Oh so Junior was in your room changing when you ran out of there last night” “Yea.” “That makes sense.” “Well I’ll be off I’m going to go bug Mark now since he text me asking me to come over.” “Have fun” I smiled and she walked out the door with a wave. I started to make some eggs along with some pancakes. We small talked for a bit and then we went out. I had to avoid certain places so that my boss didn’t see me. We eventually went to his place. I was shocked to actually see Jenni already there with Mark. “So you did take the day off huh?” Jenni said smiling “Yea. As long as I’m at work Thursday that’s all I care about.” “Why’s that?” Junior asked “Oh I get to see Arlene, that’s my favorite day of the week.” I smiled “Oh yea, Oh which reminds me we still have to discuss her birthday party next weekend.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his room. “Bye you two have fun” I said as we walked past them. I sat on his bed while he sat on his chair. “So I already have it planned with my sisters, so all I wanted to do was give you this.” He went through his desk and pulled out a paper and handed it to me. “Oh the invitation. Well I’ll RSVP right now. Yes I will be there.” “Awesome. I know my grandma will be really happy to see you there.” I stood up and started looking at the books he had on his desk and the cds as well. “You have a nice variety of stuff.” “Well thank you.” My hand brushed against his and he grabbed my hand. “(y/n)” He looked at me. “Yes.” “I know that it hasn’t been long but would you…” “MARK HAS A GIRL OVER!” we both turned to the voice and Junior took his hand away from mine. “Oh looks like you do too.” He laughed and walked out the door. “BAM BAM JUNIOR HAS A GIRL OVER TOO!” “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Then in a second another boy appeared. “Hello” I laughed “Hi I am Bambam….this one” he pulled the first dude into the room. “Is Yugyeom.” “They are the evil Maknae.” Junior said with a laugh “Yup. So are you two dating?” Bambam was right to the point. “No we are just friends right now.” “Oh do you want to date him” Yugyeom asked. I bit my lip. Why ask me this is front of him. What if he didn’t like me that way and I revealed how I felt about him. “You don’t have to answer that” Junior must have figured out how uncomfortable I was feeling with trying to answer. “Hey guys! We need to head out!” Another voice spoke. “How many live here?” I asked turning to junior. “7 Total” he laughed at my reaction. “Oh my god! Really!” “Yea” Bambam said and they left the room. I followed with Junior right behind me. When we walked into the living room I saw the other 3 that I hadn’t met already. Jenni came by me. “Let’s go home together.” She said and I turned to Junior. “Bye Junior text me whenever. Bye guys.” “Hold up!” one of the ones I didn’t know said. “Who is the girl with Jenni?” another one said “They all already know you?” I whispered to Jenni. “Yea every time they would walk in the room I’d have to introduce myself I was glad to know that there was only 7 total so I was safe after the 5th person.” She laughed “Hi I’m (Y/N) I’m friends with Junior.” “Hi I’m Youngjae, that’s Jackson be warned he is wild and this is JB.” “Nice to meet you all, maybe next time when we have time we can all get to know each other better.” I smiled “That would be great” JB said with a cute smile. I couldn’t help but smile back even bigger. “Alright bye.” Both Jenni and I said and walked out. “Wow Why is friends with all hot guys.” “I know right!” “But I still think that Junior is the best.” “So if he asks you out would you say yes?” “Of course I would say yes!” “Good because what I heard is he wants to ask you out.” “Really!?” “Yup!” I squealed and Jenni laughed at me. I wonder when he is going to ask me out.
Ahh Junior why you gotta be messing with me! I'm having trouble with this boy!!!! lol Anyways this was a filer I hope it wasn't too boring for you guys... Anyone wants to be tagged or untagged let me know.
Love it so far, can't wait for the nest part!!
What does a "sexy morning voice" sound like?
@SerenaArthurs in my head a little raspy since he would just wake up