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Pokémon is so hot right now.

So hot, in fact, that one Canadian fashion blogger has picked up on the trend to create their very own website, PokeXFashion, which fuses Pokémon into high fashion modeling campaigns. (Now we have to EVOLVE too? The beauty standards these days are insane.)

Here are some of my favorite editorials:

Clefairy for Mulberry

Slowpoke for Louis Vuitton

Minccino and Cinccino for Prada

Munchlax for Balmain

Haunter for Alexander Wang

So which one of these is your favorite? Which other Pokémon do you think would be amazing models?

Let me know in the comments below!
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I'm gonna go with Haunter xD
@DamienSky Haunter is a supermodel in the making.
haunter cause not because of model it's just I liked haunter the first time I've watch pokemon
@Kpmanalo Really? Why's Haunter your favorite?
@danidee cause as we all know haunter is different from all the Pokemon out there and he loves women too it's a match I guess