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Ok so I pretty much love all the Fairy Tail ships Natsu × Lucy/Lisanna ( I love them both don't hate ). Gray × Juvia Eraza × Jella Happy × Carla And the ones I didn't know about until I read @AimeBolanos Who do you ship Wednesdays card. I love them all by the way. But the one ship I love the most and always will is Gajeel × Levy
I love them so much every time I see them together I get really happy and excited. I honestly believe that they were meant for each other. Even though they started off on bad terms they got passed it.
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@AkiraItuha Awww Thank you!! Glad you liked them!💕
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@AimeBolanos I don't think I can have them done today I have to sleep I will try tomorrow
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@AkiraItuha Ask @Tylor619 if it's ok since he's the mod xD
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GaLe forever!
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@anelli I'm sure you'll like this XD I love GALE
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