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So many things happened this weekend! Not sure if anyone followed Show Me the Money 5 but the season has ended. The winner is of course, BewhY! I saw that coming when he was crushing the show with his insane rapping skill. As I was revisiting the show on Youtube I discovered a lot of older K-pop covers I've missed that were AMAZING.

BewhY - Day Day (featuring Jay Park).

Song Produced by Gray.
Many of us can agree BewhY's a very talented rapper. His rhythm and flow is incomparable. Though most of his act was outstanding this song was the most chill and catchy. Congrats to him again for winning the contest.

One, Simon D, Gray - Comfortable

We were all surprised when the rappers sang and they did it well. Even though One didn't make it to the finals. It's okay, this song will stay.

Ha:TFELT & 15& - That XX

This came up in my recommended feed and I can't believe I never heard of this GD cover. I think it's one of the best variation I heard to date. For those of you curious, it was for a show called the Singer Game. This episode was JYP vs Starship stars.

Junggigo & Mad Clown - The Manual

From the same episode, I got to hear this wonderful performance by two talented artist. It was raining all weekend, so this was the perfect song for chilling at home while playing board games and sipping a cup of tea.

IU - If You

Has anyone seen this Big Bang cover by IU? It's wonderful. I'm so used her legato singing style I didn't know she can pull off a song like this. In terms of vocal, she's still airy but it possess a different type of emotion when you listen to this song.
Are there any songs you can't stop listening to this weekend?
I love smtm5 this season was insane! alot of my fave rappers not only auditioned but when against each other in the semi finals... so it was super hard trying to equally support them all but I knew from the beginning it was gonna be cjamm & bewhy in the finals because the both of them are extremely talented
@LocoForJiyong I agree! The fact the both of them are best friends, competed against each other and congratulate each other is amazing. I hope even if BewhY goes mainstream his objective for rapping will stay the same. =)
@cindystran I know that's what made it even better ...cjamm was legitimately super happy for bewhy and I just love the bond they have. and I honestly don't think bewhy is gonna change who he is ..I would hope not because not only is he an amazing rapper but he's an amazing person and that's what makes him really stand out
Fly With Me by Landy Wen. It's the Murphy's Law of Love OST!
@biancadanica98 it's such an awesome song!!