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oooook........ I'm sorry I'm late, but I have a life too you know..... ANYWAYS LET'S BEGIN!!!
I have a confession to make............ My husbando is Levi (if you have seen my posts, that is kinda obvious) and I would LOVE for him to be my life companion and here is why......
First of all he is so beautiful. I know I have said many others of beautiful but he is a different type of beautiful . He is so beautiful it almost looks ugly. That is how beautiful he is.*whispers* I love it. And also love his hairstyle
Second, he is so sassy! The guy doesn't need to talk to be sassy, literally. He is just that type of person you see and you are like, "Dang, he is so sassy." Which is good for me cause um, you know *cough* maybe I'll become as sassy as him someday... *cough* *cough*
He is so sassy I needed to add more pictures of him being sassy
Third, He is human. What I mean by that is that he doesn't act like he as if he was god or the best human in the world, he understands that he is human and that humans make mistakes, that nothing is perfect. He is cold, but understands human pain because he has felt it too. He is willing to have his hands dirty for the sake of others. I don't see he is selfish at all (well mostly, we all are greedy at times) He is a nice guy. He doesn't show it but I am sure he cares (a little) deep inside. I would love, love, love, a person like that as my life companion.
Extra pictures cause I like you guys >_< @hikaymm THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING ALL MY OTHER POSTS OF THIS INTRO WEEK!!!!! (these pictures don't belong to me)