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Happy Fiction Mondays everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Here is some fiction to start your day~ Enjoyyy XD
Also, WARNING - There is some mature language in this chapter. Not a lot but I just wanted to give a heads up! :3
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Chapter 13 - 'Who is it?'

Hyun-Ae's P.O.V
After forcing myself into going into class after what had just taken place I tried to focus.
Much to my luck, it was a workday, giving me time to process what Yoongi had just told me.
As I stared at the first problem on my worksheet, all my mind could do was replay his words over and over in my head.
'I like you.'
I slammed my head on my desk, frustrated.
When the class shushed me I bowed my head in apology, embarrassed.
What do I do?
This just had to happen the same time Kyung-il is back and after what happened with Jin last night.
Man, who knew someone liking you could suck so much.
I have to tell Yoongi. I have to tell him that I don't see him that way.
I rubbed my hand threw my hair aggressively, trying to calm myself down and get to work.
Class quickly finished and after dragging through my last class I went and headed home - just like Jin had told me to.
I walked up the steps, mentally exhausted, to be met with something that would only make it worse.
"What are you doing here?" I spat.
"To come to see you." He responded.
It took everything I had not to punch him in the face.
"Well I don't want to see you so can you please get your skanky behind off my door and leave?" I hissed. He looked taken back by my sudden aggression, making me feel a bit better for not holding back.
"No." He stated, continuing to lean against my door, arms crossed. "I am not leaving until you talk to me."
I sighed. I knew that I couldn't push him off the door so as much as I hated this situation, I had no choice but to go along.
"Fine. Let's talk." I said, crossing my arms in a similar cocky fashion to match his. "So what do you want?"
"I told you Hyun-Ae. I want you. I want you back."
"Do you hear yourself right now?" I questioned. "How - in what world would make you think that I would ever go out with you again?"
He got up from my door and started to walk to me, very slowly.
"I know you still have feelings for me, Hyun-Ae. I can see it when you look at me."
"Well then you see wrong. What I am looking at you with is regret and hatred, not feelings. I could never like you again after what you did to me."
I could see the look on his face grown into one mixed of frustration and sadness.
"I still love you Hyun-Ae. I never should have cheated on you. It was horrible of me and I wish I could take it all back." Tears started to form in his eyes, showing me how much he meant what he was saying.
"Well I am sorry Kyung-il. I can't trust or have feelings for you. I don't think I ever will again." I brushed passed him, heading to my door when he grabbed me by my arm, bringing my attention back to him.
"Why? Why can't you give me another chance?" I sighed, exhausted from this repetitive conversation.
"I just...can't."
"You like one of them, don't you?" I was shocked.
"Why wo-"
"Which one. Which one is it. Jimin? Namjoon?" His face changed into one of anger - all sincerity gone - as he gripped my arm even tighter.
I decided not to answer him, as if I did so, he would go after them, which is something I do not want.
"Just let me go." I whispered.
"Who is it?!" He brought his face closer to me and when I saw the look in his eyes, I began to get scared.
"Tell me who it is or I swear-"
"Swear what?"
Both of us turned around to see Taehyung leaning on the edge of the stairs, eyeing Kyung-il.
He immediately let go of me and went to go stand in front of him, towering above him.
"What did you say?" Kyung-il hissed.
"You swear you will do what? Please. Finish. I want to finish hearing what you were going to say so I can kick your ass with a reason."
Kyung-il smirked as if this was ridiculous.
"Why does it matter to you?"
"Because I am Hyun-Ae's friend. And I know what a jackass you are because of what you did to Hyun-Ae so I think that I have a right to be involved in this situation." I wanted to stop this but I had no idea how to. So I stood there, just watching it unfold.
They continued to stare at one another until Kyung-il spoke up, scoffing before he began.
"This isn't over small fry. I will be back, Hyun-Ae." He walked down the steps and disappeared from out of our sight.
I breathed out, not realizing that I had been holding my breath this whole time.
"Are you okay?" Taehyung asked as he came over to check on me.
"Y-Yeah. Thanks for that. God he is such a tool. What did I ever see in him?"
"Beats me. He is psychotic, thinking that things aren't over between you too."
"I just hope he doesn't show up again." I sighed, mentally exhausted. "Why are you here anyways?"
"I came to check on you. Jin told me that you just went straight home after class today so I figured I would come check on you. Good thing I did huh?" He smiled, making me laugh.
"Yes, good thing you are so nosy. But things should be okay now. You can go back to your dorm."
"Okay, but if anything happens feel free to call me or any one of us okay?"
"I will." I gave a small smile as he waltzed back down the stairs and left. I turned back around and headed to my door, and after opening the lock I closed it behind me.
I went straight over to my desk and placed my head on the desk.
Why do these things keep happening to me? Why?
Kyung-il really needs to stop being such a freak. My feelings for him are gone and he needs to accept that we are never, ever getting back together.
Continually stressed by all the situations today, I was about to start some homework when I got a text message. I opened my phone to see that it was from Jin.
"Hey, did you make it in okay?" I smiled at his text. Still worried as ever.
"Yeah everything is good. Thanks for checking up on me." I replied. Ding.
"Of course. Just make sure you sleep well tonight okay?"
"I will~" Ding.
"Oh and one more thing, can I ask you something?" I was hesitant to answer at his question. But despite everything that has happened today, I was sure about one thing. And that was how I felt about him.
"Sure, what is up?" Ding. Nervous to see what it was, I clicked read.
"Would you mind tutoring me in history tomorrow after our class? I am still behind and I would actually get you dinner this time^^" I giggled at his comment and was relieved to see that it wasn't what I thought he was going to ask.
"Sure! It's a date." I said. Wait. Shoot. No. I didn't mean it like that. Ding.
"Oh, so this is a date? Is that what you want it to be?" I stared at his text, unsure of how to respond. I mean... I guess but I don't want to confuse him before I say anything. But I don't want to say it isn't either...
"Umm... I mean...unless you don't want it to be." Holy shit. I can't believe I said that. Damn. Shy Hyun-Ae is really no more. Ding.
"Are you kidding me? This is the best thing that I have heard all day! Of course it can be a date. You just took me by surprise is all. I honestly thought I read the text wrong." My smile grew at his words. Gosh is he a goof.
"Okay, well then tomorrow it is. See you then~" I replied, leaning back in my chair, my heart fluttering. Ding.
"Sleep well Hyun-Ae and I will see you tomorrow!!"
Happy to have something good happening in my life, I was excited.
At this time, I heard a knock at my door. Confused, I called out to see who it was and when I got no reply, I slowly went to my peephole to see that there was no one there.
I opened the door just to make sure when I was suddenly caught by surprise at a hand grasping the end of the door, holding it in place.
I glanced to see that he was back. The bastard.
What the hell. I thought he was gone.
All happiness drained from my face at the sight of him in front of me.
"What the hell are you doing here again?"
"I waited until the little punk left and I decided to come back up here to finish what we started." He began as he walked closer to me, decreasing the distance between the two of us.
"So who is it. Who do you like out of them, huh?" His voice increased with each word, making me more nervous as he still looked extremely upset.
"I told you that-"
"Don't bullshit me!" He yelled, making me jump. "Who. the. hell. is. it."
"I do not have to tell you that." I spat, trying to stand my ground. He was never like this before, what made him change?
"You know what Hyun-Ae I am tired of your games." He hissed. "I tell you that I want to get back together with you and this is how you repay me? You are sick."
"I am sick? Really? What gives you the right to say that about me. You say that you still like me but this morning you were letting this girl practically feel you up in the middle of class. If that doesn't say anything about who the sick one is here, then I don't know what does."
"Don't do that. Don't you try to pin this back on me!" He shouted.
"Why? Why can't I? You say one thing and do another. How the hell am I supposed to even believe anything you say when you do something like that!"
"It's because she is nothing to me! You are something!"
"I don't want to be something! I just want you to leave me alone and get out of my life!" I yelled, extremely pissed. "I am sick and tired of you having this hold on me, trying to blame me for what you did! I have had enough Kyung-il!" He started to back up at my words, taking our argument to the hallway once more.
"You can't make me leave Hyun-Ae. I will keep fighting for you." He whispered, sounding defeated.
"Why!" I was a mess at this point - feelings of anger and sadness taking over. "Why would you keep fighting for me when I hate you! When I like someone else!"
"Because I l-"
"Don't you are say it." I whispered. "You don't love me. You are just in a delusion that you do. I don't know what the hell happened to you but you are not the Kyung-il I once knew. You are sick and twisted and disgusting."
"Get out." I spat, pointing at the stairs.
"I swear to the gods Kyung-il if you don't leave right now I will call the campus police."
"You wouldn't."
"Oh really?" I sniffled, pulling out my phone. "Try me."
He stared at me in denial. I thought he was about to walk away until he looked back at me with an even more intense glare than before.
"You know what, Hyun-Ae. Fuck you. You are right. I don't love you. I am glad I cheated on your ass. You don't deserve me. You don't deserve anyone. You are just a lowly piece of-" Before he could finish his sentence, a fist met with his face, making him fall to the ground unconscious.
The fist belonged to none other than Yoongi. I was in shock at what had just taken place when I glanced over to see Yoongi, shaking his hand and holding it as it stung.
"Are you alright?" Yoongi asked. I nodded.
"I-Is your hand okay?" I asked, pointing to it.
"Yeah, I am alright. I can't say much for him though." We both looked to see that Kyung-il had a large print on his face from where Yoongi hit him.
"Good. He deserved it." I smiled, wiping my face from the tears that had sprung during the heated argument.
"What are you doing here?"
"Taehyung told us what happened earlier and so I thought I would come make sure that everything was okay and I am glad I decided to come. That was bad."
"Man I feel like I am always being protected by you guys. I am sorry. You guys shouldn't have to be involved in all of this. I -"
"Hyun-Ae its really okay. We just care about you so we want to make sure you are okay." I smiled at that, happy to know that those 7 idiots are truly great friends.
"So you like someone, huh?" He suddenly asked. I became embarrassed.
"You heard all of that?" I asked shyly.
"Y-Yeah. I just walked in when it started. I am sorry I didn't jump in sooner but I wanted you to handle it on your own and only get involved if it was needed."
"Well thank you for doing so. I was about to hit him if you didn't." I laughed, making him laugh too.
We then stood in awkward silence, as Kyung-il laid there.
"It isn't me, is it?" Yoongi asked, breaking the silence.
"The one you like isn't me. I am right aren't I." I stared at him, giving a half-hearted smile in return.
"I am really sorry Yoongi. But I do like someone else." I whispered.
"I was too late. Damn." He swore, trying to play it off.
"Is it Jin?" He questioned. I started to turn red at his question, giving a slight nod in embarrassment. He sighed.
"I knew it. I shouldn't have told you-"
"No Yoongi. I am glad you told me. I am just sorry that I couldn't return the feelings you feel for me." I said, staring at him. "I hate to be a major cliche and ask this stupid question-" I started making him laugh.
"-but can we still be friends? If you don't want to-"
"Yes, Hyun-Ae. We can." He said, giving me a small smile.
"Good because I don't think I could stand losing a great friend. Especially someone who would hit someone they barely knew for me."
"Yeah well. That just makes you special." He said. "But, if you ever get tired of Jin, just know that I will be here okay?" He asked and I nodded.
"Got it."
"Good." We both laughed.
"God this is awkward." He said, rubbing the nape of his neck in embarrassment.
"Yes it is. Can we please-"
"Hyun-Ae...I am going to find you and-" Kyung-il started before Yoongi hit him again, making him unconscious once more. He then picked him up, placing his arm over his shoulder to carry him.
"I got this guy. I would leave him here but I am afraid he would do something again."
"Good call."
"Okay, well I am going to leave then. See you later?"
"See you later." I responded, waving as he walked away.
After making sure they were out the door, I went back into my room and laid on my bed.
Well, hopefully Kyung-il will know not to come near me again after this.
He will probably be scared of the boys now, knowing that they aren't afraid to throw a punch.
And after talking about Yoongi with things, I feel better.
I still feel horrible about not being able to return his feelings, but I feel what I feel right?
And now that this is all figured out, I think it is time.
Time to confess.
Time to tell Jin I like him.
Hyun-Ae, hwaiting!

Wow, this chapter was intense!

Sorry this chapter wasn't the best as I have not had a lot of time lately and this was a little rushed but I hope you all enjoyed it nonetheless!
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