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Simon's Perspective These past few weeks have been amazing. My baby Ashley and I made up after not speaking to each other for 3 weeks. That was my breaking point and I hated not being able to see her or speak to her. I told myself I would never do it again. That if we have another disagreement, we just need to work it out right then and there. I don't ever want to do that again. Not waking up to that.... Fugly face of hers in the morning.. Haha she would kill me if she knew I said that, pained me. I leave the room soon can let her sleep and start to look for something to do. I want something romantic. Something that will say... Aha! Here it is: The Cherry Blossom Festival. That's perfect! Ashley's perspective: I roll over in bed stretching my arms above my head. I reach next to me looking for simon, only to find HIS spot empty. I sit straight up hoping he didn't leave without saying anything! I get up and take a shower and walk out to the living to see my baby with a huge smile in his face. He looks like he is up to no good. "Morning beautiful. Did you sleep well?" "I slept really well. What are you doing?" "I made some plans for us today, just you and me. No interruptions. No schedules." Ashley looked at me so surprised but I'm glad because its not something that she would have seen coming. But the end of the night is what I'm looking forward to the most. We grab our stuff and head out the door for the adventure of a lifetime.
Ashley's Perspective Today has been so amazing. I honestly don't know what got into Simon, but everything has been just beyond what I thought. Its been so great to see him laugh and smile. All I can do is look at him as he talks and laughs because it seems just like yesterday when we first started dating. I just don't want today to end. As we go through Seoul, Simon tells the driver to pull over. As he does he looks at me and says: "Babe, I'll be right back. I have to pick something up real quick and then we'll go to our last stop." I was going to say something but decided to just not my head since I don't want to spoil the day we have had. It doesn't take long and then we are back en route to our final destination.
Simon's Perspective Today has been going so well. Her smile is just lighting up every corner and every place we go to. I never realized it until now, but every time I see that smile my heart beats so fast that I begin to lose breath. But I wouldn't change this feeling for anything in the world. It's one of the best feelings and it's honestly something I never thought I would experience until she danced into my life. But tonight I'm going to do something that I have only dreamed of and I'm so nervous about it. I got the promise rings for her and I, and they look amazing. Ashley's Perspective As the driver pulls up, we get our of the car. I look around and see Cherry Blossom trees everywhere. They are so beautiful. So many people walking around with loved ones enjoying the festivities. I look at Simon as he watches my reaction and he seems relieved and pleased all at the same time. I jump in his arms and give him one huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. *chuckles* Haha, I'm glad you're excited Ashley. I was hoping you would love it "Of course, I do. Its so beautiful. I don't know what you're up to but I am not complaining." We walk around for what seemed like hours just enjoying the views and the beautiful scenery. The sun begins to set and the trees start to light up. I almost feel as if I'm in a fairytale. I let go of Simon's hand to go spin in the middle with cherry blossoms just falling all around me. Simon's Perspective As Ashley let's go, I just stand there and watch her as she looks so free. I take my camera out so I can snap a picture of her and save it as my background for my phone. She comes back to me and grabs a hold of my hand as she beckons me forward. We stand their together and take a couples picture. This is the moment.. This right here is perfect.
I grab both of Ashley's hands as I take a deep breath to gather my thoughts. I can see her looking at me out of curiosity. I clear my throat and say what I feel from my heart. "Ashley. I know that these past few months have not been easy for you. We would fight and argue because of all the time I was spending away from you. But I realized after our last argument that I didn't want that anymore. I have been trying to find the words to express how I feel but when it comes to you it doesn't cone easy. Yea of course you drive me crazy with all your nagging and whining. But you've always been one hunnit with me and that's what I love about you. No matter how far away I am, you're always there right by my side. You say how you feel and don't sugar coat anything." I reach into my pocket and pull out the box with the rings in them. As I do, I hear a gasp escape her lips.. I take out her ring and slip it on her finger as I say, "Ashley with all that we have been through I give you this promise ring to show you that I will always stay true to you and you only. What do you say?"
Ashley's Perspective Simon grabs both of my hands out of nowhere and just looks at me. As he begins to talk I get this feeling. This feeling deep down inside that I have never felt before. Its like a huge release of butterflies that are being freed. Like my soul and spirit are complete and I have found whom I'm meant to be with.   I hear his final words Ashley with all that we have been through I give you this promise ring to show you that I will always stay true to you and you only. What do you say?" Before I could say anything, tears started falling from my eyes and all I could do was nod my head to say yes as he wiped my tears and out the promise ring on my finger. Once he put mine on he slipped his on as well. The rest of the night we walked hand in hand just laughing and talking the whole time. After about an hour we decide to head home and the car ride home my head was on his shoulder whip he held my hand and rested his chin on my head.
Simon's Perspective We get home and I just feel relieved and excited that she took the ring. She goes to take a shower and as I do I. I get out of the shower before and decided to light some candles in the room and put on some music. Once she is out she looks around with her eyes wide open. I approach her and put my hand on her cheek to caress it then I life her chin and plant a soft kiss on her lips. She looks up and I whisper in her ear "I Love You" Then I begin to leave trails of kisses down her neck. As we move closer to the bed I close the bedroom door and......