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Hey guys. I finally had time to go back and edit all of the mistakes in this story. I did add some stuff but not really much has changed. If you are just now joining here is Chapter 1. Hope you guys enjoy
A week had gone by since the start of the new semester and everything was back to the way it was. The new students were getting acquainted with their surroundings of starting their new life as college students and adults. While the other returning students went back to their groups of friends and going to their after school clubs or study hall. This wasn't the same for Taekwoon. As usual he was to himself going from class to class. If not that, he would be tending to the college community garden that they had out back. Not many people went back there, so majority of the time it was just him. Occasionally, somebody who was having trouble and needed a breath of fresh air would visit the garden. People would try become friends with him, but he just couldn't bring himself to open up to anyone. "I just can't do it, but why." He asked himself this very question everytime someone would try. He had said no so many times that it would just come out naturally without him thinking about it twice. Because of this, after a while, people would be too scared to say anything to him. He had a odd type of "effect" on people. Many of the women on and off campus found him to be very attractive, but because he was so mysterious, people had to look from a distance. There were a few girls who were brave enough to confess to him, but was soon met with rejection from him. Ravi, on the other hand was busy working and doing as many extra classes as often as he possibly could. He had a goal to finish within three years instead of four and then make him debut into the entertainment industry. He loved rapping with a burning passion, as well as singing a little. He had two to three notebooks full of different rap versus and song ideas that were just overflowing out of them. Just waiting to be heard by the world and then some. "Hey Ravi, want to go to this popular restaurant down in Gangnam later on today?" Hongbin asked as he was walking over to his car. Hongbin had been a friend of Ravi's since their second year of middle school. It was just by lop such a coincidence that they met back up again in college. "Umm, yeah sure. I will have to meet you there. There is something I need to get done first bef-" "Ah come onnnnn. Loosen up a bit. You have been so uptight ever since you got into college." "But I-" "No buts. You are coming with me, even if that means me having to tie you up, drag you by what little hair you have and kidnapping you." "Okay, okay. Sheesh, no need for you to go bizarc on me. I will come with you." "Cool. I hear that it is very popular for having this guy who can sing and play piano that sounds so "angelically". But it is supposed to be so rare to be able to hear him play." "Oh. Really? Well it would be kind of cool if we could get a chance to hear him tonight then." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Welcome to our restaurant, what can I get you tonight." My mom loved interacting with her customers and people just in general. She was always been able to make people feel welcome and more like a mom welcoming you back home after a long day at work or school. "Hey Leo, can you serve tables one and seven while I handle the other two tables along the wall." "Sure mom." My mom gave me that nickname because she said she could "see the inner lion hidden inside of me". I don't know where she got that from, but I just stuck with it since she seemed so happy with it. It kind of had a cool ring to it. "Hello, my name is Leo. I will be your server for this evening. What can I get you to drink?" Not once making eye contact. It was hard enough speaking to people, let alone looking them in the eye. "Yes, um...we will have water please.(He's so cute and strangely manly all at the same time. How is that even possible?)" The girls began to whisper among each other. As Leo began to walk towards the back, he happened to have overheard what was being said. Leo had to hear things like that just about every time he was out helping his mom, but didn't really care all that much to acknowledge them when being told so. He had just slowly gotten use to it, to the point where he wouldn't be listening half the time and would end up missing something his mom or coworkers would say. He went over to the next table to take their order. "Hello, my name is Leo. I will be your serv-" "Oh, are you the guy who plays the piano so well here." All I could do was just nod my head while still looking down at the tablet I had in my hand. Taking a quick glance at them, I notice that it was a couple of guys, who looked to be highschool or college students. I wasn't sure. I was bad with being able to tell people's age. One of them from what I could tell kept staring at me. In a way that kind of made me feel awkward more than usual. Like in a since that he was trying to read deep into my soul without saying a word. Maybe he was more like me, but seeing that he was out with others made me slowly doubt that. "Would it be too much to ask if we could hear you play, even if it was just a little bit?" "I can't, I have to wo-" "Come on. PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" I felt myself becoming intrigued by the guy who hadn't said a word since they got here that I ended up saying yes before I could catch myself. "I can't right now but I will try I guess later." "Oh really wow that's awesome. Because I have been hearing that you are an amazing pianist and even write some of your own songs to play here." "...Really?" He spoke for the first time. His voice was a lot more deeper than I had anticipated. It strangely made me want to know more about him for who he was. "Yeah, I can't believe you haven't heard about him before. Plus they say it is very rare to be able to hear him play, so this to me is like a huge honor." I continued listening to them for a short while before slipping away to go take care of some of the other customers. After a while the heavy rush finally died down and the guys were still here, waiting like little puppy dogs. It was kind of funny as to how long they were willing to wait to be able to hear me play. I mean, I didn't think that I played all that great, but I had already said yes. Besides, I hadn't played in a while so why not. I sat down at the piano and thought for a minute about what song to play. Whether I should play them a song everybody knows or to play them something random. Then I decided to play a song that I was working on "Words to Say." Everyone was silent while Leo played the beautiful melody. His fingers gliding across the keys kind of like a cherry blossom flowing down a river. Everyone was admiring him so much, even the silent boy couldn't take his eyes off of him. Time felt like it was standing still but it was time for them to close. So he wrapped up the song quickly. "Thank you soooo much for playing such a beautiful song for us. I am now your number one fans. I was literally so close to being in tears." "No, no its okay." I said in a low whisper. I couldn't take compliments well. It always showed on my face. "Thanks again. You have such an amazing talent. So keep that up, because people would love to hear you." "Yeah, you were pretty good." My heart stopped for a moment to hear him speak again. Which made me confused as to why. It's not like I knew him or anything. "...thanks and thank you for coming." That guy keeps looking at me weird. Maybe it is just me feeling that way, but it still
Song of Inspiration Words to Say - Beautiful Liar Album
Thank you guys for so much support and feedback on my fanfics first chapter. Hope you all can bare with me in being able to write this story. If anything leave anything you like or don't like in the comments and I will try my best to meet those standards and make it better. Love you guys. Oh I was thinks of a nickname just now and what if I call you guys my little Trustees. Sounds dorky I know but I kind of like it. Anyways hope you enjoy this chapter and I will try to update as often as I possibly can.
it was good would need aone editing but very good. i want to read more
This was great! Can't wait for the next part!
@AmberRelynn I'm glad that you enjoyed it