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any of you little undead out there need a new and exciting way to refrain from becoming hollow just join the covenant of the sun
if you are new to being undead this is your darksign it allows you to warp back to the last bonfire you rested at due to lord qwen with his shard of the first flame creating special bonfires to infinatly burn at the cost of their fire keeper being tied to the bonfire
bonfires have many uses, from storage to refilling estus flasks (an undead favorite) a bonfire should never be ignored unless you wanna make your pilrgimage all the way back to where you died.
as always here is a white soapstone if you ever wanna drop a sign. join our covenant and i will give you more and more information of the "beautiful" land known as lordran
@Flare4522 that's usually how it goes with me lol
@Alletaire alright if you say so. still I found this weapon by accident and it became my favorite weapon throughout the game. the only time I used something different is when I wanted to try it out
@Flare4522 well in DS2 I used the Fume sword and the Kings ultra so I'm sure it'd be fine once I used it once or twice
@Alletaire ikr. you just gotta get used to the speed and time hits right lol. that was the only downside
@Flare4522 Noice lol
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