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Credits to whoever finally decided to compile Chanyeol's airport outfits I totally side with Chanyeol on this one...if I really like a shirt or jacket I will wear it till I tear it...
You got that right Suho...

Do any of you guys have a comfort clothing you always run back to???

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my exo jacket, my sweater, AND my donut hoodie!!
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sweat pants and hoodie all day
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Yes! I will wear my favorite baggy shirt and pants all day!! So comfortable!
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It depends on the weather If freezing I wear a llama/pikachu hat If it's just cold I wear my mcr Jacket If it's warm I mostly wear my ripped skinny jeans I have different comfort items for the different temperatures but I'm always wearing black skinnies 馃槀馃槄
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Honestly I don't go to the airport that much at all to have a set fashion routine, but I think it would be something along the lines of (Cold weather) Beanie Oversized Sweater Sweatpants (Warm Weather) Light Shirt Shorts I mean that's it
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