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Italian illustrator Alessandro Gottardo's beautiful illustrations have been featured in famous newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Economist and Newsweek etc. He takes a minimalistic approach to tell a story through his illustrations. He takes out all the unnecessary ideas and takes it down to simple shapes and forms. Gottardo also believes that complicated concepts can be illustrated in very simple ways. This makes his works very overwhelming! I love the surreal feel to his work. The last four images feels like he also gets inspiration from Asian Illustrations. Very lovely.
@beeonka ok! I will do it real soon~~~
@rachelykim aww i see :c you totally should and then tag me so i can check them out ^^
@beeonka not yet. I'm trying to upload some if I have time. So busy these days :(
@rachelykim oh awesome! Do you have your work here on Vingle? ^^
@beeonka Yes, I'm a graphic designer:)
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