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Alright if you missed @SweetDuella part 19 then click here. I'm tossing it back to you!
Let’s go to your place, I’m not tired yet.” Sarah said pulling on Tae’s arm. “What are we going to do there?” “I don’t know watch a movie or something.” “Horror!” Kookie said “Yes!” Sarah screamed clapping and holding her hand up for Kookie to high five her. “Alright lets go then” Yoongi said and they all rushed out of the practice room. After several minutes in the van they ended up back at the guys Dorm. Yoongi was sitting on the couch and Sarah sat next to him while everyone else was getting blankets and popcorn and a couple movies to pick from. “I’m probably going to just sleep” Yoongi said putting his head on a pillow and putting his legs over Sarah. “Hey!” “You’ll be fine.” He said and closed his eyes. Everyone had picked a spot and when Kookie walked in and saw how Yoongi was on Sarah he sat with his back against the couch next to her legs. They turned the lights off and started the movie. Within 10 minutes into it Sarah’s eyes got heavy and she ended up falling asleep. When she started to come too she could hear people talking. “Dude are you jealous she’s not cuddling with you?” “No.” “Just admit it, you wish you would have been in Yoongi’s spot. Its ok it’s just me.” “Fine Jimin, yes I’m jealous.” Sarah slowly opened her eyes to see that she was in fact snuggling up to Yoongi. Her head was on his chest and his arm was around her. When she saw this she shot up scaring the two men that were talking. “What time is it?” “A little after 12.” “PM?!” “No Am.” “I need to go.” Sarah quickly got off the couch and grabbed her things and walked towards the door. “Wait let me take you home” Kookie said “No it’s fine, I can walk by myself.” “Sarah it isn’t safe by yourself.” Jimin added. “No you guys go to bed. I’ll see you later.” Sarah ran out the door before either could stop her. She made it a few blocks before she felt like someone was following her. She turned around and saw no one. She thought it was Kookie or Jimin trying to make sure she got home ok, but when she didn’t see them she continued on. She turned a corner and ran into a guy. “Oh I’m sorry.” She said “It’s ok.” He said and moved on. She could see her house and was glad she was almost home when someone grabbed her hand. She screamed and turned around and started hitting the person. “Sarah calm down its just me.” She opened her eyes and saw Kookie. “What the hell Kookie!” she had been scared by him and was mad. “I’m sorry I was worried and I followed you. I was worried when that guy kept watching you after you bumped into him.” “Oh. I’m sorry for hitting you.” She quickly apologized “Nah its ok, I scared you and you did what you should when someone grabs you at night.” He smiled “Ok let’s get me home I’m really tired now.” They were silent for a bit until Kookie started talking. “I have to admit I’m a liitle upset about how you were with Yoongi tonight.” “Why?” “Because I wanted it to be me.” “Aww Kookie that is so cute. I’ll try not to fall asleep on another guy again ok?” I smiled “Ok.” “Alright here I am, thanks for walking me the rest of the way.” “Yea no problem, I’ll see you later Sarah.” “Kookie.” He turned to look at her and she kissed his cheek. “Goodnight.” She said and walked into her house. She went straight to her room and set her alarm and went back to sleep. She had to be ready for the show in a few hours.
“I am telling you I am glad it’s only a few hours and then I can go back to sleep.” Sarah said to Jenni “You stayed up too late huh?” “I guess.” “Goooood Morning! You are tuning into Ruby and Diamond. Today seems like it’s going to be a great day!” “Why do you say that Ruby?” “Because the forecast says a nice sunny day.” “Oh my gosh did you really just start us off like that.” Sarah laughed “Yup I did, now that weather is out of the way let’s ask Diamond a question.” “No thank you Ruby.” “Too bad you need to answer. Where did you sleep last night?” “In my bed.” “Before that?” “On a couch.” “Wanna say where?” “No I won’t and I know what you are doing you butthead.” “Oh you do, do you?” “Yea… just because yesterday we talked about sex does not mean I went out and had sex.” “Aw I was hoping you got lucky.” She laughed “WHAT! Ruby you know who I like and you wanted me and him to…. “Sarah started blushing. “Man if only you guys could see her face is bright red.” “And off we go to listen to some music” Sarah quickly hit the button and played a song. “Got you back for yesterday” Jenni tried to hold in her laughs “I deserved that but bad Jenni.” Sarah flicked her hand “Ouch you are so mean to me.” “It’s how are relationship is.” Sarah smiled and the song ended. “Ruby I have a question.” “What’s that Diamond?” “Since we were talking about sleep I was wondering have you ever ended up falling asleep in a weird place?” “Yea I have actually.” “Where?” “Well this one time I was at a park on a date and I fell asleep on the guy.” Sarah bust up laughing. “What? That is the weirdest place I fell asleep.” “Hmm, I have several places.” “Really like where?” “On my computer, I write a lot and I just end up waking up and having keys pressed into my face, so I have to rub my face to get the indents out.” “Ha I saw one day you had like a row of them on your forehead.” “Yea I was glad we didn’t have to leave the house super early that day.” “Alright callers we want to know any weird places that you may have fallen asleep at, or on.” Jenni said and pushed a button. “Hello you’re on the air.” “Hi Ruby! Are you doing better after yesterday?” “Aww thanks Hun for worrying about me; yea I’m a lot better.” “So where have you fallen asleep at?" Sarah asked “Oh I fell asleep standing up once.” “How can you do that?” Jenni asked “I have no clue.” “Talent” Sarah quickly added. “Yea I’m glad I can’t do that.” Jenni said with a laugh. “Well thanks for calling,”Jenni ended the call and while they waited for more callers they played some music. Not many people called in since it was so early, but finally the end of the show came and the girls said goodbye and within an instant Sarah was gone she was already on her way home leaving Jenni in the dust. She was way too tired for her own good.
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Just read the whole story, I'm really enjoying it, but now I'll have to wait for more to be posted, like everyone else. Sad for me. 😉💖
So if the guys were listening, I wonder who is really going to get teased...Will it be Kookie? Yoongi? Or both?
Tag me please!!!
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@gingersnap181 @micahirene sorry I'm now seeing these....I will add you to know the tag list and @SweetDuella will be posting a new chapter tonight