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Over the weekend, my friend sent me this picture of a Michaelada she bought at our town's local farmers market.

If you don't know, Micheladas are a popular Mexican alcoholic drink. Using a Mexican beer as the base, they add Clamato, hot sauce, chili powder, Worcestershire sauce, and a number of other zesty ingredients to create a drink that's something of a South of the Border Bloody Mary (which is much easier brunch drink because beer > vodka).

In Mexico (and really, all the US states that border it), Micheladas are a popular way to beat off the summer heat.

How do people cool off in your neck of the woods?

also not beer !
there are actually different types of micheladas, my favorite is just lime juice, ice and your favorite beer, mine is Corona light in a glass rimmed with salt and a slice of lime for garnish. Delicious!!
looks tasty. i would love to try that. Here in Denmark we dont cool off. Its cold enough as is 😝 But a lot of Tuborg or Carlsberg beer. i'm a big fan of, what the Germans call "Diesel" it is Coca-Cola and German Weissbier- i love it.