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I normally don't do this but I gotta spread awareness. Just a few hours ago, Zitao dropped his new MV and if there's anything to know about me it's that I adore this man. So anytime he drops a new single, I'm hella there. And I gotta say, Swaggy T is killing it.
From the stunning visuals, the battle between light and dark, the two sides of the same coin to the sick beat, haunting piano, to the poignant lyrics. This song goes so hard. So much passion and thought went into this and it shows. You can feel it. Or at least I can lol. You tell them, Tao.
First I was like
Then I was like
Then I had to press repeat a million times and get down.
Here is the MV. I'll give you a moment to absorb it.
Wasn't it incredible? Dope as hell? Is it just me? Oh if it is, oh well! Im loving every second of it! AB Style! Which is perf for me because I'm AB too. What upppp! Tell me what you guys think! I'm honestly not normally into rap but lately, it's been speaking to me and who am i kidding? I can never say no to Huang Zitao. The Boo just gets me on so many levels. I know his new album is going to be amazing. I can't wait! Keep Killin it, Boo!
yes i agree. he is on fire
this was amazing lol GO TAO
OMG that was awesome!!! I couldn't breathe and I was so like wow!
Zitao is great I like him too