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"Dosirak" is the old school lunchbox that has to be shaken for it to be mixed very well :D The banchan can change depending on what you have in your fridge but the popular ones are kimchi, fried egg (must) and anything that you want really! Ingredients: - 1 bowl cooked rice - Banchan 1: - Banchan 2: - Banchan 3: - 1 fried egg, sunny side up - Some crushed seasoned seaweed
@roselee89 wow that sounds really good ahahhahahaha i would actually really have that right nowww with some korean bbqqqq
I used to have this with some Kimchi, Sauteed Sausage and a friend egg. I'm craving that now.
@oj1992 defnitely!!! of course it depends on what kind of left overs areeee! i wouldn't eat sushi left oversss but left overs to make this little oneeee im so in!!! :D Have you tried a lot of korean food before??
@miranpark88 yes leftover foods are the best becoz of the overnight fusion. I hate it when nutritionists say you should not eat leftovers. But there is some truth though.
@oj1992 my mom used to make me these at home all the timeeee with left overs!! they r the besttt! you should tryyy :D
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