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I know it's been awhile, but I've been busy every weekend with friends this summer (which is when I'm normally doing nothing and am able to write) so I haven't had much free time. Also my boss has become lame and doesn't want us workers having our phones at work (I'm there for almost 10 hours a day on the four days I work). But my hours have changed, starting this week. Hopefully I'll have more free time since my ours got cut due to low businesses. Now to the important part... So I haven't completely decided if this chapter is done. I'm at a good stopping point, but I really want to go just a little further, because next chapter is a change in scenery. Regardless, the chapter is pretty much done, if not completely done. So expect an update in sometime this week. Love you guys! Tagging @normabm7 @JessicaDobbins @Kirik @shannonl5 @mymi @ThatRossyGirl @NinjaMouse @LilianaWolf @Panthora @desireesowah143 @Nadinerzz @AnjelParker @SantaraJones @sergeishust @Yatosgirl @enchantingsun @thegeekinpink92 @KookieMin and anyone else just let me know if you wish to be tagged in upcoming cards.