You know how a crumb in the path of an Ant can throw them off completely? Do they go around it?

Nooooo - they climb over it!

Now imagine instead of an Ant ... it was a ferocious Dragon. What would he do?

He would smash it!

But smashing can be a lot of work!

It can really wear a Dragon out.

So he sleeps... and has beautiful dreams about his next meal (because Dragons need to eat regularly you know).

He dreams about how he will hypnotize his prey

...and how he will kill them slowly ... because this Dragon likes to play with his food.

You see? Totally satisfied.

So BEWARE of this Dragon ... you could be his next victim! 馃槄

(If you are lucky! ... ooops! Did I just say that outloud?!)
(Credit to the owners of all images/gifs above!)
Go on! EAT ME ALREADY, u sexy dragon, whacchu waiting for?馃槀 okay dat sounds really durrrty*facepalms*.
omg the Ball had his signature on it 馃槏馃槏 now...where'd they put it in just wanna "see" it for a little while ~~~
Ahhhhh he's so adorable hugging that ball!!!!! Can I get a hug too and be his next victim????? 馃構
just so jealous of the Balloom!!!
Sexiest dragon ever! Just the look on his face as he cutely destroyed that crumb!
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