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Everyday is a battle between you and yourself!! Never give in and let those good vibes be a conductor for all good things to come that day and to push away the bad!! Keep strong and always stand tall and proud NAKAMA!! You are who you choose to be!! So be YOU!! Bleach Vibes!! Anime Vibes!! Anime is Life!!
I understand this, he starts the project and does not stop until he's completely done and has added all finishing touches because truly talented people become an extension of their artwork.
@sammcallister haha a lot of mangaka work 5-6 days a week and are writing and storyboards and such for 12-17 hours a day!! Crazy but that's how they operate so they love it!! The get times when they're caught up and such but otherwise usually working with the weekly release deadline haha!!
Yes, I'm pretty sure I've watched a few of this particular genre of anime a few times before. I'm glad your able to fill me in on the names of them and their artists, like Tite Kubo. I agree hands down he is really an amazing artist his anime must literally like spill out of him to have so many sketches, already published and up and running one after the other I wonder when this Tite ever sleeps. Nonetheless, his anime is admirable.
@sammcallister I have his tattoo on my right arm sleeve in his Hollow form. Yeah bleach is a truly astonishing anime and really dogs in deep with ones self and with feelings of wanting power to help and save others while risking sacrificing yourself and such!! I don't wanna give it away but anime even though it didn't finish all the qua is still 300 some episode I think like 374 or something and the manga goes on for about 14 more volumes or so after!! Still currently making them, Tite Kubo is who is an amazing artist and writer!!
I think this is a wicked cool anime. first because it emphasizes the simple truth that everyone everywhere is constantly in a everyday battle with themselves and this is so true, we create our own destiny so how could there be any other explanation.