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and he is better than me! -_- *hides and keeps playing *
I chose sehun as well for my game, he is wearing lucky one outfit with a sehun mic =) I can't believe sehun is level 30! and he has a huge score! I'm only level 21 and I'm not even in the ranks. this game is available for android phone in all locations and languages. ( EXo Run) anyone else playing? who did you choose?
@Miichi I don't have the hand - eye coordination to play video games well. I have been practicing, as I'm stuck on a level. One of my kids said, "Mom, you suck at video games so why are you playing? Do you want me to help?" (sigh)
I got it when it came out here in America, and I also chose team Sehun.
@Miichi hahaha! make sense! I was confused what it does but once I purchase it I found out what it and was hooked from there!
@EmilyGardner hahhaha! I saw that it had movement when You purchase but I pushed him after a while I found out lol sometimes I play without sound
@Miichi ik! that screen (you know tap the person) probably has no life cause of me!
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