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Tao released his single Black White yesterday. Did anyone get a chance to watch it? If not then I have it here for you :) it's really good I like it :) he seems to find his right element for what he wants to do. I was reading the comments some people are glad he left EXO to pursue on his own, cause he wasn't getting no where with them. I just shrugged and was like who cares, he's doing his own thing now, that's all that matters. Anyways here's his new song.
@ShinoYuki I know right! I got the notification one the drive home from work so I couldn't watch it right away
Omo I was so excited when youtube gave me a notification and I was the 511th view 😂😂😂
@ShinoYuki I know it's so amazing!!
@selfishmachines ._. Yep I was about to shower but then I was like later and I keep watching it nonstop omg its so awesome
@selfishmachines I know I know it's so so so amazing