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Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara - Durarara!!

Shizuo may hate violence, but when it comes to Izaya, he simply can't help himself! These two are positively mortal enemies, constantly trying to rid the world of the other! As much as I love friendly rivalries that pull together when it counts, I think these guys have to take the top spot for today's card!

Honorable Mentions

I almost had to change my lineup for yesterday since I find this and the previous two prompts to be very closely related, almost synonymous, 3 peas in a pod; I believe that the best friendships are bromances bonded by rivalries! However, that is not always the case, as you may see in this card! Here are my favorite rivalries which have not been acknowledged yet in this batch of cards:

L Lawliet and Light Yagami - Death Note

I love this intellectual rivalry! Under different circumstances, I think these boys could have been great friends, but one of them had to be a mass murdering psychopath (I love Light, but let's be real here, he went cuckoo)! They were constantly playing mind games with each other, each thinking 100 steps ahead, give or take another 100, trying to outmaneuver each other. I love the Sherlock-Moriarty dynamic they kinda had going on! (AMV - "Playing His Game" from NY Demo for Death Note Musical; I plan to do a card about it at some point)

Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa - Devil is a Part-Timer

Satan and the Hero! When Maou got stuck in our world, Emi followed him, determined to defeat him and see justice done. However, they were both left powerless. Emi decided she would at least keep an eye on him, and a strained kind of friendship sort of emerged.

Alucard and Alexander Anderson - Hellsing Ultimate

Father Anderson is a high ranking member of the Iscariot Organization, defending the Catholic church from supernatural threats, so Alucard, the vampiric dog of the Protestant Hellsing Organization, is a total affront to all that is holy to him. In the end Anderson sacrificed his humanity for the power to defeat Alucard, and Alucard was mortified that he had become a monster like him, insisting that he could only be defeated by a man, and was forced to put him down. It was a rare and deeply meaningful heartbreaking moment to see the great Alucard so sorrowful. I think he had great affection for Anderson, even if he was his rival; he had principles, unlike a certain other member of the Iscariot (see Day 41), and it hurt him to lose such a worthy adversary.

Nonon Jakuzure and Uzu Sanageyama - Kill La Kill

I just loved watching these Elite 4 members bicker! I honestly don't have much to say about it; it's just a glorious bit of comic relief! I think I ship ;)

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

Last but certainly not least, the almighty NaruSasu! These lonely boys have been bound by fate their entire lives. In the academy, Sasuke was always the prodigy, and, naturally, Naruto resented him a bit, just as Sasuke resented him, as Naruto was a bit of a nuisance back then. As part of team 7, their rivalry only grew, but they also grew closer, becoming like brothers. As Naruto improved his skills, Sasuke began to struggle to keep up, and his frustration drove him to seek more power, culminating in their battle at the waterfall when Sasuke admitted that Naruto had become his best friend. Their rivalry was really fun in the original series, and now I'm always eager to see them meet again to see when Naruto will finally get through to Sasuke (I'm a little over 320 episodes in, for some context).
As always, hope you enjoyed! If you wanna learn more about me/ be my friend/ be tagged in these, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm nice, I swear (mostly ;p)! Or I guess you can follow my 100 Days of Anime collection, or both if you feel so inclined!
Until next time! Please, feel free to share your thoughts/answers in the comments! I love discussion!
I LOVE ALL THESE RIVALS XD they were always so hilarious to watch lol
i esp love the Naruto one and the devil is a part timer one too!
I only started Durarara recently, but I already find their rivalry hilarious.
@Moonpie15b I know! I'm a little over 60 eps in, so they just left East Blue
sanji and zoro is a good one too...I love how zoro totally rekts sanji by calling him things like #7 and pirate A, lol
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