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fun fact, it was calculated that supermans super strength is approximately 10,000 to that of a very buff human, that's because the gravity on Krypton was 10,000x stronger than earth. Now the ZWarriors have been known to fight in altered gravity rooms. i believe that the highest its been shown was 450x earths gravity (non super saiyan forms) and ss1 transformation is a 50x multiplier, making the approximation gravity force and their strength about 22,500 that of earths gravity. Not to mention they have how many SS forms now which just increases it to a ridiculous amount. TL:DR Goku or Vegeta can easily over power Superman.
@TravisWolph who calculated this?
Sorry I got bored... to be Continued 馃槈
@WillMckeogh if you're talking about a war between krypton and Planet Vegeta before they were destroyed then Kryptonians don't have a weakness because kryptonite was created by the destruction of krypton and they had more advance technology on top of having their powers from the yellow sun. and the Sayains weren't that strong before Planet Vegeta was destroyed. So winners are obviously the Kryptonians.
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