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@Helixx our beautiful Melody Mod created a fun challenge for everyone in the Community. So feel free to participate β™‘

↝ How did you first get into BTOB?

As I stated in my introduction card, Cube Entertainment was the first company I discovered. B2ST was my first group, so I was curious to see what other artists were under the same label.

I listened to their songs and watched a few videos, so I fell in love with the lot. β™‘β€’β™‘ We're talking hearts eyes. . Major Hearts Eyes

↝ Who is Your BTOB Bias?

It should come as no surprise that I love idiots and goofs. My idiot goof is either face palm or shudder. . . there is no in-between. . .

That being said, I love EunKwangie & ChangBebe β™‘β™‘

Their personalities are so preciosu and vibrant. Them goofing off, is literally life β™‘

Their Smiles=Instant Death <(X.X)>

↝ How long Have you Been on Vingle?

A Full year and some days β™‘ I love food, so I figured My first break through card should be about my best friend. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

SO when in doubt yall, ALWAYS remember that Food is always the answer.

↝ What is your favorite Song or Era?

Would All be an acceptable Answer?? Cause I'm feeling All!

My most Favorites are:


Thriller When I was Your Man You're so Fly Beep Beep (Let's face it, this is your favorite too. . . them on/in mini-cars is LYFEEEEE)

↝Who is YOUR UB? (I have quite a few. . . lot)

1) My Manchild: Kim Sangmin

2) My Husky-Voiced Angel-Cutie-Precious-Beautiful face: Lee Seyoung

3) My Raps-that-will- take-me-straight-to-heaven: Kim TaeYang (Jenissi)

4) Mr. Beautiful Sweet Compassionate Tall-treed- Camel- Shin Yoon Cheol (Nakta)

5) I-wasn't- ready- for- this- one: Kim Alexander (Alex) [VROOM VROOM beeches]

6) Beautiful Doofus precious faced: Hong JooHyung (Cory)

7) My Littlest beautiful Manchild: HeoJun

↝ WHO Is YOUR Bias Group. . .

Well, I like to say all of my groups are my bias groups but there's one that I go legit fanatic for. . . like heartu melts and hearts fill the eyes. .


Cross Gene β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Cross Gene β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

↝ How long Have you Been a Melody?

I have been a melody for almost 4 years β™‘ My 4 year Kpop anniversary is on the 21st!

↝DO you have a favorite Hairstyle?

Uhmmmm... . I loved the hair of all members during the Thriller Era
↝ I have posted yes.

↝ 5 Random Facts:

β™’ I'm a nerd β™’ I like to Draw β™’ I love to cook β™’ I'm clumsy β™’ I'm goofy.

β˜† Melody Mod Squad β˜†

β˜† Melody Bebeis β˜†

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@LemonLassie Awe thank you Hunnie!! β™‘ Yeass my precious bebes! β™‘
@AimeeH this was wonderful! I loved it. And who doesn't love Eunkie and Changsub both! They are just straight goofs!
@StephanieDuong I β™‘ You too Stephanie!! πŸ˜„
I β™‘ you Aimee! πŸ˜†
I love it Aimee. So much goofiness in one card. One of the things I love about Eunkwang is that he's so goofy and doesn't give two shits about his image and he's the leader. Some times leaders can come off as too serious and I'm always wanting them to loosen up. But Eunkie has no problems showing his weirdo, goofy side.
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