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So hello all my wonderful beautiful people, Lemon reporting some possibly unspoken news...let's see. BTOB Making a comeback in September!? Ok yes you heard that right. But do you have proof you may ask. Well it so happens that I have some proof, yes. Shall we see??? *wiggles eyebrows*
I have found some photos if Ilhoon with bright blue hair. Yes blue hair. If having bright blue hair means anything, it means we are getting an upbeat comeback! I REPEAT, this is not a drill, AN UPBEAT COMEBACK! Not only has this appeared but back at KCONNY Peniel did say their next comeback would be an upbeat one. Not only Peniel said something, but Eunkwang hinted at a September comeback as well.
So friends and fellow Melodies, are now going to prepare yourself for this upcoming comeback???
I really hope my theories and all our sleuthing were accurate. I'm so ready for this comeback, so ready! Of course, as it gets close and they release teasers and such, I will probably be saying I am not ready, lol!
I think they said 'sexy' concept for their comeback. Ohhh..I hope it is Sept, as I'll have money then (I hope)
😍 Ilhoon and blue
that's something to look forward to ☺
@JaxomB I'll have money then too!
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